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Workday - Helping our Managers Understand Delegating Tasks, Holiday Pay, and Employee Schedules


First, a big THANK YOU for all your work as RHA transitions to Workday.  This is a big change for RHA, and we’re still in the learning curve.  Your persistence, patience and feedback are very much appreciated.

Important Reminders for Managers

  • Moving forward, we want to continually communicate with you, and educate you on how to use Workday.
  • Remember – Visit the Workday for Managers page on MyRHA for ‘how-to’ guides on a variety of topics.  This page is continuously updated.

Delegating Tasks if You’re On PTO

If you’re going to be away from work (i.e. on PTO for 1 day or 1 week), it is VITAL that you delegate your tasks to your manager or another person reporting to your manager.

Examples of why this is important:

  • Approve Time worked by your hourly employees
  • Approve PTO requests
  • Onboarding tasks you need to complete to kick off onboarding for a new hire (they can’t start work until their Onboarding is complete in Workday).

Check out this 1-page guide on How to Delegate Your Workday Tasks

Holiday Pay & Requesting Time Off

Guidance on Holiday Pay for full-time employees has been communicated via email and on MyRHA.  Click here to read about Holiday Pay.

A few important items for Managers to understand about Holiday Pay

  • Holiday Pay is automatically paid to full-time employees.
  • No action is need by you or the full-time employee to be paid Holiday Pay.

How Full Time Employee Should Request Off Work On A Holiday

  • If a full-time employee needs to request off for a Holiday, they should request a Holiday Absence in Workday.
    1. In Workday, click the ‘Absence’ Worklet
    2. Select the Holiday they are requesting off work
    3. Choose the ‘Holiday’ absence type (there is not impact on pay for choosing this type of Absence).
    4. Click Next.
    5. Review their Holiday Absence Request.  Hours are based on the assigned schedule for the employee, and can be edited.
    6. Submit.

“What if my full-time employee requested Paid Time Off, Unpaid Time Off, or another Leave type instead of Holiday for Thanksgiving?”

  • The employee needs to change their Absence request to be a Holiday Absence Request by Friday, December 1.
  • How An Employee Corrects an Absence request:
    1. Employee clicks their Absence Worklet
    2. Click ‘Correct My Absence’
    3. Click the Absence that covers the Holiday
    4. Remove the day of the Holiday from their request by clicking the ‘-‘ to the left of that date.
    5. Press Submit
    6. The employee would then need to resubmit a Holiday Absence request, using the instructions

Managers Can Also Correct An Employee’s Absence Request.  Here’s How:

  1. Click the ‘Team and Absence’ worklet
  2. Under ‘Tasks’, click ‘Correct Absence’.  You may need to expand this section by clicking ‘More’.
  3. Select worker or workers
  4. Correct the absence by removing the wrong Absence Type, and then add the Holiday Absence request.

There are Guides and Videos to help Employees and Managers correct absences on MyRHA.

Staff Schedules in Workday

  • This is a reminder that Managers need to assign their employees an accurate work schedule in Workday.
  • Accurate schedules not only drive when/where an employee works, but also drive other important processes behind the scenes.

To make this happen, you as a manager, have an important job to do.


Note On Work Location in Scheduling:  Although there isn't a 'location' field in the employee schedule, you can change the 'display name' and enter the work location where your employee should report.


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