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Workday for Managers

Welcome to Workday RHA Managers!

When RHA launched Workday, our end-in-mind is to give you both the capability and responsibility to take specific actions that managers need to take with your employees.

Examples include:  Initiating a job requisition, onboarding a new employee, writing staff schedules, approving staff time worked, initiate promotions/ transfers/ terminations, approve mileage, approve PTO requests, review performance, etc.

YOU have the capability and responsibility to do these things directly, all in one place.

Scroll down to learn more about the following topics
  • How to Login (1 page)
  • A Paradigm Shift toward Manager Self-Service
  • Manager activities in Workday
  • Helping employees login and review personal and pay information
  • The importance of your Workday inbox
  • Sample employee information/actions in Workday
  • Manager role in Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Staff schedules in Workday - How to modify
  • Approving time worked/entering time blocks
  • Approving absence requests, mostly PTO
Workday Training Materials for Managers

Manager Acknowledgements

RHA wants to ensure all Managers (anyone that directly supervises another employee) understand how to use Workday, and what Managers need to do in Workday.

Click here for the full list of Manager Acknowledgements for Workday.

Workday Guides
For Managers

For if you're on PTO, etc.

* It is recommended that managers approve each employee's timesheet when it comes to their Workday Inbox.  This gives you more detail to ensure accuracy.

Deadlines - Every Week
  • Monday 12PM Eastern - Deadline for employees to enter and submit time.
  • Tuesday 12PM Eastern - Deadline for managers to review and approve time.

Deadlines - On Payroll Processing Week:

  • Monday 3PM Eastern - Both pay weeks are locked for manager corrections.
  • Tuesday 2PM Eastern - Both pay weeks are locked for Timekeeper corrections.
  • Wednesday - Payroll is closed.

Managers approve employee PTO requests submitted in Workday.

Employee Performance Reviews
Includes an assessment of the employee's potential, manager evaluation, and how to print.

  • Transfer, promote, change job
  • Change physical work location
  • View open positions
  • Terminate employee
  • Change Contingent Worker details
  • Convert contingent worker to employee
  • View Compensation
  • Assign new allowances (i.e. phone, travel stipends)
  • Request a one-time payment
  • Base-pay change
  • Request a bonus
understand the Manager and new Employee role when they are on-boarded to RH

  • Shows you all the 'who-does-what' to recruit a new employee.

  • If you're a manager, and you cal ALSO add someone else as a Primary Recrutier.  This may be a person that helps sort through resumes, interviews, etc.    At the core, Managers (those who directly supervise) should be involved in the Interviewing process.
  • Further instructions on page 11 of the Recruiting Job Aid.
Staff Schedules

The Importance of Your Workday Inbox

In Workday, you can view information and initiate action.

The key to Workday is the business process, or 'workflow'.  When a business process has been kicked off, and you have an action to take, you will receive and alert and be able to take action directly in your Workday Inbox.

Your Workday Inbox IS NOT an email account.  It's a place where your 'to do' items in Workday reside.

Examples of when you will receive a Workday Inbox 'to do' item:
  • When it's time to interview a potential candidate
  • Make an interview decision or a verbal offer to a job candidate
  • Kick off onboarding a new hire.
  • Your employee has submitted a weekly time sheet, which needs your approval.
  • Your employee has submitted an Absence (PTO) request, which needs your approval.
Trust the Workday system!  If you get a 'to do' in your Workday Inbox, complete that item ASAP, or you may slow down an important business process.

Sample Employee Information/Actions in Workday

As a manager, you can see certain information and take action on that employee.

Examples include:
  • Kick off recruiting an open position 
  • Quickly onboard new hires 
  • Create staff schedules 
  • Approve time sheets 
  • PTO request management
  • Promote, transfer, or terminate an employee 
  • Approve mileage reimbursement
  • Review perforamance
  • And much more!

Manager Role in Recruiting & Onboarding

As a manager, you have an important role in selecting a potential new hire.  This includes:
  • You can kick off a job requisition.  If you're not doing all the 'recruiting' functions, be sure to identify your HR Coordinator as the 'Primary Recruiter'.
  • Participating in the screening/interviewing process
  • Make a verbal offer to a candidate
  • Once the candidate has accepted their offer and is now an employee, you will be asked to send a personalized welcome message, share 'people to meet' and 'helpful contacts', so your new employee can hit the ground running.
  • View the 50-page Recruiting Job Aid to understand a Manager's role in Recruiting
  • View the 39-page Onboarding Job Aid to understand a Manager's role in Onboarding a new hire.

Staff Schedules in Workday

Employees should be able to see their work schedule in Workday.

To make this happen, you as a manager, have an important job to do.
Although there isn't a 'location' field in the employee schedule, you can change the 'display name' and enter the wo
rk location where your employee should report.

Approving Time Worked

In Workday, managers both assign a work schedule, then approve time worked.
  • It is recommended that managers approve each employee's timesheet when it comes to their Workday Inbox.
  • This gives you more detail to ensure accuracy.
Note: Salaried employees do NOT submit time in Workday, and you do not need to approve any salaried employee's time in Workday

Approving Your Employee's Absence Requests (Mostly PTO)

In Workday, employees can submit PTO and other absence requests directly to their manager.
  • This is helpful to you, as you now have one place to receive and approve these requests.
  • Workday also lets you see if other employees were previously approved for time off on a given day, so you can ensure you're properly staffed.
  • View the 3-page Quick Guide on Approving Team Absence
Note:  Managers need to approve Absence/PTO requests in Workday, or the employee will not be paid for their PTO on their paycheck.

Team Performance for Managers

For Managers - Team Performance Training
This training covers:
  • Includes 'how to' video
  • Get feedback on an employee
  • Assign goals
  • Reviews - Introductory, Direct Support Review, Annual Review and Spot Review
  • Corrective Action

YouTube Video

Manager Guide:
Team Performance gives our managers the opportunity to:
  • Be notified in the Workday Inbox once a review is due
  • Provide continuous feedback
  • Manage goals
  • Conduct annual reviews
  • if needed, issue corrective action.
  • Performance Improvement plans
  • This additional functionality gives us a lot of new tools to help us work better, recognize high performers, and more.
Annual Performance Review Cycle
For non-direct support positions.  Direct Support annual reviews happen in Workday on their anniversary date.

The 2018 Performance cycle is closed.  Below is a SAMPLE of what to expect in 2019.  

Self Review (90 day/annual) - May 2019

Manager Reviews - June 2019

1:1 Feedback Sessions between Manager & Employee - July 2019

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