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Workday Support

With RHA's transition to Workday, there will be a LOT of questions, which is completely natural.  We want to support you in using Workday.  To best serve you, see the information below regarding who to contact for certain questions.

Employees should always contact their local Workday Ambassador first with any questions.

Login Issues
  • Employees should start with working with their local Workday Ambassador to ensure they have the proper username and understand our initial password.
  • Use the Workday Password link on the login page.

Hardware/Internet Support
If you're having issues with the computers at your worksites, or accessing the internet, please contact your local IT Analyst.

Employees and Managers
If you have questions, please contact your local Workday Ambassador.  They will either be able to help you, or will know who to contact to get your questions answered.

Workday Ambassadors

We realize you're probably taking a lot of questions at the unit-level.  THANK YOU!

If you have a question you can't answer, please contact