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Workday for Contingent (Contract) Workers

This is a page for RHA Contingent Workers.

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Welcome to Workday!

Workday is RHA's new core system for anything related to you, our contingent/contract workers.  Our end-in-mind is to give you a better tool and insight for common tasks that can be performed on any modern device with an internet connection.

Scroll down to learn more about the following topics:  
  • Log into Workday
  • Update Personal Information - Name, mailing address, emergency contacts, or add a photo!
  • Time - Enter Time Worked / Submit for approval (if applicable)

Log into Workday


New contingent workers will be directed to the Onboarding worklet once your contract starts..

In essence, this walks you through the first things they need to do in Workday.

New contingent workers will be given onboarding 'to do' tasks upon hire.  Examples include:  Direct Deposit Payment, Confirm Name, Emergency Contact Information, W-9, Contact Information (Home and Work), Professional Licenses, Photo, etc.


Personal Information

In the 'Personal Information' worklet, you can:
  • Update your personal contact information
  • Update your work contact information, which will also be fed to our Outlook email system.
  • Add Emergency Contact
  • Add photo
  • Verify legal name
  • Add a preferred first name

It is VERY important that you keep this information current.


When first starting with RHA, you will have a 'Payment Elections' task in your Workday Inbox as part of your onboarding.  This is where you enter your banking routing/account # that you would like your payment to go to.

AFTER this, you can always update your bank information:
  1. Login to Workday
  2. Go to your Workday Profile (click your name on the top-right of Workday after you login)
  3. Select Actions
  4. Select Personal Data
  5. Select Maintain Payment Elections

Time Entry
If your contract requires you to enter time worked in order to get paid, you will use the Time worklet.

In general, if you have ONE hourly rate, you will enter time.  If you have multiple rates of pay, you will submit an invoice.

Important:  Weekly Time Submission Deadline - Each Monday at Noon (Eastern)

  • RHA workweeks are Sunday (12am) – Saturday (11:59pm)
  • Hourly Contingent Workers must enter hours weekly to ensure they are paid on time.
  • It is important to pick the correct cost center for each block of time worked.  The naming convention is "Cost Center #, Business Unit, Cost Center Name"
  • After time for the week has been entered, the time sheet must be submitted in Workday.
  • The deadline to submit the time-sheet for the week ending Saturday is Monday by Noon Eastern (11am Central).
  • The deadline for the manager of the contingent worker to review and approve the time-sheet is Tuesday at Noon Eastern (11 Central).

This job aid has step-by-step instructions on:
  • Entering time by Check On/Out or Enter Time by Week.
  • View details of submitted time
  • Modify Previously reported time
  • Submit time for the week.
The video below is for employees, but pretty much shows you how to use the Time worklet as a contingent worker.

Talent and Performance

  • Add and Archive a Goal - A great way to track your progress on an important project/initiative.  The status of your goal will appear on your performance evaluation.
  • Get and Give Feedback - Ask co-workers, your boss, or a mentor for feedback on how you're doing, and where you can get better.  Employees that 'seek to understand' from others tend to do better!

Talent & Performance Training
This training covers:
  • Includes 'how to' video
  • Update your Career information
  • Give & Receive Feedback
  • Set & Manage Goals

YouTube Video

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