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Workday for Absence Partners

Managers approve their employee's Paid Time Off Absence requests in Workday.

For all other leave types (FMLA, Leave of Absence), the local Workday Absence Partner approves and manages the employee's request.

Leave Forms


Leave Types
  • Reviewed state-specific Leave like TN maternity leave
  • Reviewed Leave types in Workday - Both regulatory requirements and RHA policy reinforcement
Time off Types
  • Unpaid time off - when not eligible for paid time off.  Bereavement, Emergency or no PTO available.
  • Unpaid time off - Intermittent FML - When employee is taking unpaid time off for event covered under FMLA.
  • Paid Time Off - Most common
    • Vacation
    • Sick
    • Personal Bereavement/Funeral
    • Religious holiday/other
    • Family & Medical Leave - If on FMLA leave, and employee has PTO hours.  Would allow employee to be paid when on FMLA event.  Still requires employee to ALSO be placed on an Family/Medical Leave event in Workday.
    • Military Service Leave
  • PTO - Intermittent FML - When employee is taking PTO for a covered RMLA event.
  • PTO - Personal Leave - When employee wants PTO AND is 'On Leave' status i.e (Leave - Personal (unprotected by FMLA, unpaid)
  • PTO - Workers' Comp - When employee wants PTO AND is "On Leave - Workers Compensation' status
  • Jury Selection - When time needed for jury selection AFTER 6 months full-time employment.  Summons document required to be uploaded to Workday.  3 days max.
  • Jury Trial - When time needed for jury trial AFTER 6 months full-time employment.  10 days maximum
  • NC Parental Time off.
If on Maternity Leave, FMLA or LOA?
  • If eligible for FMLA (see HR policy for requirements), then initiate FMLA Leave
  • If NOT eligible for FMLA, ask if eligible for Personal leave for medical leave for personal reasons (see HR policy for requirements).

  • Policy Change - Time off approvals of more than 5 days.
  • Leave history data catch-up update.
  • Demo - How to upload documents for Leave Requests into Workday

How to Delegate Tasks
For if you're on PTO, etc.

Key Report
Simply type the name of the report (below) Workday search, then click the search result. 
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