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Workday Engagement Program

Our Goal
To ensure ALL STAFF to quickly log into Workday, and complete the assigned tasks in their Workday Inbox.

We want to make sure your direct deposit information is correct, and all other information is accurate.

What Employees Need To Do
First, understand that all tasks have been automatically assigned to your Workday Inbox
  • Update Home and Work contact information (including phone and email) 
  • Update Personal Information 
  • Add Emergency Contact 
  • Add photo 
  • Verify Legal Name 
  • Add Preferred name
  • Verify tax Withholding elections 
  • Verify/update Payment Elections 
  • View Pay slip

The Incentive To Complete All Workday Inbox Tasks

Individual Incentive - Chance to Win $100
All Managers and Workday Ambassadors are NOT eligible for the Individual Incentive
  • The first 100 RHA employees that complete all tasks assigned to their Workday Inbox will be automatically entered into a drawing for $100.
  • 10 employees will be selected from this group.
Unit Incentive - Chance to Win $500 for a Unit-Wide Celebration!
  • The first 9 units that have 75% of their employees complete all tasks assigned in their Workday Inbox will receive $500 to be used for a unit-wide celebration.