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Announcing our Workday Engagement Program Winners!

In August, we announced the Workday Engagement Program.  Our goal was to ensure ALL STAFF were able to log into Workday and complete the assigned tasks in their Workday Inbox. 

And boy, did our employees, Units and Workday Ambassadors respond!

We are pleased to announce the following winners, below. Staff can expect their pre-tax award included in their 11/13 paycheck.

Employee Winners - $100 each pre-tax

(Pre-tax means the employee won $, but will have taxes taken out in accordance with regulations and the employee’s tax withholding election choices)

10 employees randomly selected from first 100 that completed Workday Go-Live activities.
  1. Cassie Pate, LPN, Tar River NC
  2. Anissa Burchette, Direct Support Associate, Creedmoor NC 
  3. LaTara Middleton, Direct Support Associate, Rome GA 
  4. Robert Silvera, Floor Maintenance Specialist, Tar River NC 
  5. Osha Smith, BH Licensed Team Leader, Lenoir NC 
  6. Shannon Wilson, Group Home Manager, Stones River TN 
  7. Kathryn Shanks, Behavioral Health Specialist II, Ridgelawn Unit NC 
  8. James Focht, IDD Special Education Teacher, Clear Creek NC 
  9. Danny Watts, Custodian, Bear Creek NC ICF 
  10. Hazel Barrett, Direct Support Leader, Greensboro IDD NC 

Unit/Ambassador Winners

$500 Unit Celebration, $200 pre-tax split among Workday Ambassadors
First Units to reach 75% Employee Workday Tasks complete

Unit - $500 toward unit celebration

Ambassador(s) – $200 total for each Ambassador group
Split among unit Workday Ambassadors.  Admin/Dir. Not eligible.

$ amount awarded to individuals is pre-tax, meaning they won that $ amount, but will have taxes taken out in accordance with regulations and the employee’s tax withholding election choices.

  1. START West BH

Teresa Yates - $200

  1. Maxton IDD


Karen Blanks, Bobbi Ellis - $100 each

  1. Prevention BH


Olivia Gash, Betsy Beach - $100 each

  1. Anson Children’s Center


Kathy Streater - $200

  1. New Bern BH


Dianne Scheidell - $200

  1. Greensboro IDD


Deborah Foster, Simonne Murray, Rhonda Purvis, Becky Bovender - $50 each

  1. High Point IDD


Sharonda Jennings, Gwen Watson, Evelyn Ward - $67 each

  1. Gastonia IDD


Penny Whitted, Karen Elmore, Jamie Creighton - $67 each

  1. Riverbend IDD


Tabitha Kohnow, Paula Flack, Laura Marcum - $67 each


Honorable Mention

Units that also got 75% in first 10 days – Great Work!

  1. Mary Benson House
  2. Concord BH
  3. Bear Creek
  4. Walnut Creek
  5. Supported Employment IPS
  6. Augusta
  7. Lenoir/Forest City
  8. Deep Gap

Our Goal
To ensure ALL STAFF to quickly log into Workday, and complete the assigned tasks in their Workday Inbox.

We want to make sure your direct deposit information is correct, and all other information is accurate.

What Employees Need To Do
First, understand that all tasks have been automatically assigned to your Workday Inbox
  • Update Home and Work contact information (including phone and email) 
  • Update Personal Information 
  • Add Emergency Contact 
  • Add photo 
  • Verify Legal Name 
  • Add Preferred name
  • Verify tax Withholding elections 
  • Verify/update Payment Elections 
  • View Pay slip

The Incentive To Complete All Workday Inbox Tasks

Individual Incentive - Chance to Win $100
All Managers and Workday Ambassadors are NOT eligible for the Individual Incentive
  • The first 100 RHA employees that complete all tasks assigned to their Workday Inbox will be automatically entered into a drawing for $100.
  • 10 employees will be selected from this group.
Unit Incentive - Chance to Win $500 for a Unit-Wide Celebration!
  • The first 9 units that have 75% of their employees complete all tasks assigned in their Workday Inbox will receive $500 to be used for a unit-wide celebration.