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Workday for Recruiters

Help Guides

  • Understand Evergreen Requisitions for Direct Support
  • Find Evergreen Requisition
  • Link Evergreen Requisition to a Job Requisition
  • Move Candidates from an Evergreen Direct Support Requisition to the Job Requisition and make Offer.
Explains all the different steps of candidate, recruiter, hiring manager, HR partner, and others.

Explains role of the Candidate & Hiring Manager

How to Delegate Tasks
For if you're on PTO, etc.
Training Webinars

  • Reviewed the process for capturing applicants to your unit's Direct Support Evergreen job posting, then move to the specific Job Requisition at your unit.
  • See the Evergreen Requisitions for Direct Support Guide.

  • An overview of the hiring process between candidate apply through background check. 

  • Importance of selecting the Primary Recruiter
  • What to do if candidate is not receiving an offer letter
  • Drug testing - what do do if the candidate results were positive
  • Q&A

Click here to view the Powerpoint (webinar shows the demo)

Recruiting > Hire Stages
  1. Create Requisition - Assign Primary Recruiter in 'Roles'
  2. Recruiting - Review/screen candidates, phone interviews, physical interviews
  3. Offer - Candidate receives offer
  4. Drug Test/Background Check - after offer accepted
  5. Ready to Hire - Candidate has completed drug test, background check, and credentialing (if applicable)
  6. Hire and Onboarding

9/27 HireRight Training Webinar
Covers background checks, drug screening, license verification, etc. for HR Partners.

Key Points
  • Drug Testing Kits, Chain of Custody Forms, and Shipping Materials have been shipped to your unit.  If you haven’t received them, please contact Mike Woods
  • Username and Passwords for all users have been sent via email.  Please login ASAP because temporary password will expire
  • Recording of the webinar will be posted to for future reference
  • Attached is a detailed job aid for the HireRight integration with step by step instructions on the business process 


  • Initial Drug Notice to Employees form needs to be signed by applicant before drug test (see attachments)
  • Chain of Custody Forms (COC.jpg attachment) need to be completed for ALL applicants who are being drug tested
    • If drug test is negative, place COC form in the employees medical file

Ordering Supplies

  • All units should have enough supplies to get started
  • HireRight Order Form will be sent to all users next week


Q: How do I place an order for additional drug kits, COC forms, and shipping materials?
A: HireRight Order form will need to be completed and sent via email to
Q:Will HireRight invoices go to Corporate or will invoices for background checks come to the unit?
A: All invoices will be handled by AP in Atlanta and expenses will be charged to the appropriate unit.
Q: Do we need to do OIG and healthcare registry checks?
A: Yes, you will need to complete as an “out of Workday” process.
Q: Do we need to print background check results for the employee file?
A: Yes, you will need to print any and all HireRight reports and retain all documentation for all “out of Workday” background check processes.  HireRight reports and “out of Workday” documentation need to be maintained in a physical file for auditing purposes.
Q: Do we use Hire Right drug testing for Workman's Comp/ Employee Accidents?
A: All post-accident drug screens need to be approved by Carla Brown.  Only use the HireRight drug tests for hiring purposes.
Q: Do we still need to do fingerprint checks? (I.e. residents who have not lived in NC for 5+years? And GA fingerprint requirement?)
A: Yes, fingerprint checks will remain an “out of Workday” process.  You will be prompted in Workday with a “To-Do” item telling you to initiate the fingerprint check if required.
Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about HireRight?
A: If you have questions about HireRight, you can email or contact your HRBP. 
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Bob Turner,
Sep 27, 2017, 5:07 PM
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