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Workday Update Call Notes
November 28, 2017 Update

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Description of the Issue?

What is the Solution, Action Needed?

Who addresses the Solution

Employee Acknowledgement

Want to ensure employees understand what they’re responsible for in Workday.

Employees are not consistently doing all the things they need to do in Workday.


A specific example is submitting timesheets on a weekly basis.


Ensure Employees know who to contact at their unit for help.


Employees understand they need to log into Workday often.


Employee reads, understands, and signs the acknowledgement in Workday.


Employee Case Study:  Unmatched Punches

Some timesheets are not being approved. Often, we’re seeing examples where an employee clocked in, but didn’t clock out.

Leading to an employee not being paid.  But it is difficult to correctly pay an employee if they don’t register and submit their time accurately.

The Unmatched Time Report is a great resource to see when employees have unmatched time.


Great idea to run this report near the end of each week, so there’s not a lot of ‘catchup’ activity the week that payroll processes.

Timekeeper working with unit leadership/manager

Manager Acknowledgement

Want to ensure Manager understand what they’re responsible for in Workday.

Managers are not consistently doing their approvals

Ensure Managers know who to contact at their unit for help.


Managers understand/do the following:

  • Login to Workday daily
  • Know that ‘hire date’ in Workday = first day worked
  • All onboarding must be complete before an employee begins training/work.
  • Assign work schedules to direct reports
  • Review direct report’s submitted time weekly
  • Approve PTO requests
  • Delegate Workday Tasks when away from work


Employee reads, understands, and signs the acknowledgement in Workday.


Manager Case Study:  Approving PTO

Managers are not consistently approving PTO requests

Since the launch of Workday, HR has been ‘mass approving’ PTO requests.


Effective THIS PAY PERIOD, there will be no more mass approvals.

Managers will need to approve/send back/deny all PTO requests to their employees


Holiday Pay

Many questions about ensuring 8 hours of Holiday Pay is paid to all FT employees

  • Holiday Pay is already paid.
  • No PTO should be paid out on a holiday.
  • Challenge removing Holiday Pay for an employee that

RHA Workday team is working to ensure the information in Timekeeper reports is accurate.

RHA Workday Team

Removing Holiday Pay

Questions on how to remove Holiday Pay for a FT employee that broke policy (i.e. called off work on a scheduled day before/after a holiday


Right now, there is not a great systematic way to remove Holiday Pay for a full-time employee

Please email with the subject line ‘Remove holiday Pay’ about the employee that broke policy and needs to have the 8 hours Holiday Pay removed BEFORE 12/1/2017.

Timekeeper, HR Partner

No PTO on Thanksgiving (or any company holidays)


Should use ‘Holiday’ absence instead

Need to remove any PTO that was submitted or approved for Thanksgiving Day.


If approved PTO stays in, then the employee will be paid BOTH Holiday Pay and PTO.

  • ~135 PTO requests for Thanksgiving


Absence Partner


Absence Partner reviews the report, works first with Employee then Manager to correct.


If not corrected by the employee or manager, the Absence Partner needs to ensure PTO is removed from Thanksgiving by end-of-business on Friday, December 1.


Hire Date = First Day Worked


Hire date is the first day worked, NOT the day an offer is extended.


Please ensure the ‘Hire Date’ is the first day an employee works.

Recruiter, HR Partner, Manager


New hires still are not having all their onboarding completed.

New Hires don’t start work until all onboarding completed.


Onboarding not being completed is impacting employee’s first payroll.


Onboarding Status Summary Report is a great tool to capture what steps a new hire needs to complete on their first day.

HR Partner

Hiring into Filled Job Requisitions

The field is trying to hire too many candidates into a job requisition

This is slowing down the field hiring staff

Be sure you have an open job requisition, so you have a ‘seat’ to put the new hire into.

HR Partner, Primary Recruiter, Hiring Manager

HireRight Self-Adjudication

The field has reported that HireRight is slowing down the hiring process.

For example, a background check shows an old offense, or a work reference is not completed in a timely manner.

Use ‘Self-Adjudication’ to move the candidate forward to not slow down the hiring process

HR Partner, Primary Recruiter

Important Changes with Workday
Be sure to check out the Workday for Employees or Workday for Managers resource pages, which shows you how to do many things in Workday.

About Workday Timekeeping

Hourly Employees
  • Please discontinue using TimeClockPlus or Eclipse for the purposes of collecting time worked to get paid. 
  • Hourly employees should ONLY enter time worked into Workday in order to be paid their paycheck. 
  • Please submit time to your manager via the ‘Time’ worklet by Noon eastern each week (starting Mon, Oct. 2nd). 
Salaried Employees
  • Salaried employees DO NOT have to enter time into Workday in order to be paid. 
All Employees
  • Please continue using your normal processes for collecting time related to serving the people we support 
  • Examples include Progress notes, Tracking hours for billing, to meet regulatory requirements, etc. 
  • If you have any questions specific to our situation, program or billing - please contact your unit leadership.

Deadline to submit Time-sheets is Weekly
Our time-sheets in Workday are completed on a weekly basis, company-wide.
  • Employees - Employees need to submit their time to their manager EVERY WEEK BY NOON ON MONDAY (EASTERN) 
  • Managers – Managers need to approve team’s time EVERY WEEK BY NOON ON TUESDAY (EASTERN).

Employee Schedules in Workday
  • We have changed the deadline for managers to have employee schedules in Workday to November 3rd, for the workweek starting November 5, 2017
  • Until then, expect your work schedules from your manager the same way you've received it in the past.

PTO Requests from before 9/24/2017
  • Sometimes PTO requests come in after-the-fact
  • Employees submitting PTO from before 9/24/17 should request in Workday with the date

Workday looks at our pay periods literally – Sun 12:00am – Sat 11:59pm. 
In the past, our systems like Eclipse and Timeclock captured hours worked across pay periods, and put all hours worked in the earlier pay period.

Workday is different. Workday see’s a pay period literally as Sun 12:00am – Sat 11:59pm

  • An employee works a 3rd shift across pay periods, 11pm Sat – 7am Sun (no meal break). 
  • In TimeClock/Eclipse - All 8 hours are paid to employee based on WHEN they started their shift. 
  • In Workday – 1 hour is paid in 1st pay period, 7 hours will be paid in the second pay period.

The Literal Workweek/Pay Period
  • With Workday, the week starts at 12:00am on Sunday, and ends at 11:59pm on Saturday.  This is different than before.
  • An employee that works 11pm Saturday - 7am on Sunday will have 1 hour worked in the first week, and 7 hours worked on the second week.
  • For employees working Saturday nights between pay periods, that means 1 hour would be paid on the 1st pay period, and the other 7 hours would be paid on the 2nd pay period.

Literal Time Worked
  • Workday see time as literal.
  • For example, if an employee clocks in from 7:03am - 3:18pm, then Workday captures 8 hours, 15 minutes worked.  It will display in decimal, which for this example is 8.25 hours worked.

PTO Accrual
  • Once change with Workday is that PTO accrual is credited to employees at the BEGINNING of each pay period. 
  • Our old way was at the END of each pay period.

Workday Photos 

There seems to be an issue with photos loading sideways. This is a known issue with Workday, and may not have a resolution soon.

If you photo loads sideways, ask your HR Partner to deny.

Workaround Options:
  • Have employee add the picture in the Workday App (if available) 
  • When taking the picture, we found that works is to take a picture landscape from the front camera with the home button in the left hand. 
  • Take picture, open in Microsoft Paint, reduce size and send back to employees.

Applying for Jobs

Employees apply via a different path than outside applicants.

  1. Employees -’s ‘Careers’ tab now points to the Workday Login page.  The Workday ‘Careers’ worklet is our Workday INTERNAL job board.
  2. External candidates - Our public websites (i.e. are pointing to, which leads to our Workday EXTERNAL recruiting website.

  • Workday does allow for staff to request mileage reimbursement.
  • Our credit cards allow for reconciling expenses on company cards.
  • Full expense reporting will be part of our Workday Financials, coming later in 2018.
  • In the meantime, if an employee needs to be reimbursed for a NON- MILEAGE expense, please complete the 1003 – Travel & Expense report and send to Payroll in Atlanta.
  • This document can be found on the Forms Drive, in the 1000 – Accounting folder.

Allowances (Formerly Known as Stipends)
  • We verified that allowances in Workday will NOT be taxed. It will remain as it always has.
  • Allowances will continue to be paid on the first paycheck of each month.