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Workday for HR Partners

Training for those in the HR Partner Role

For if you're on PTO, etc.

See the Workday for Managers page for more guides

Hire Date = First Day Worked
  • Hire Date in Workday is the 1st day worked, NOT the day an offer was accepted.
  • Hire Date being correct is very important, as it drives a lot of aspects of onboarding.
How to Change Hire Date:
    1. Look up the employee 
    2. Click ‘Job’ 
    3. Click ‘Worker History’. 
    4. Scoll down to the ‘Hire: EMPLOYEE NAME; 
    5. Click the Related Actions (3 dots) 
    6. Business Process 
    7. Correct 
    8. Change the hire date

Rehiring An Employee That Was Terminated in Workday (back to 1/1/2017)

  • When someone is terminated in Workday, then are rehired, there are specific steps you need to take.
  • Once someone is terminated, they become a ‘prehire’ in Workday.
  • Note:  Terminations, or ‘prehires’ don’t show up in Workday’s common search.  Be sure to click ‘People’ on the left when searching for a terminated employee.
  • These steps will ensure there is only ONE Workday record.

How To Do a Rehire within 90 days

    1. Person does not need to go through the application process again.
    2. Open up the terminated prehire record
    3. Find Pre-hire ID, highlight and copy
    4. Go to the open position
    5. Click ‘related actions’
    6. Hire Employee
    7. Use Existing Rehire
    8. Paste the Pre-hire ID

How to update/add social security # - Jeremy

  • Search employee record
  • Click ‘Actions’
  • Click ‘Personal Data’
  • Click ‘Edit ID Information’ to edit the social.
  • Other edit option exist here, i.e. editing name, gender, address, etc.

  • Transfer, promote, change job
  • Change physical work location
  • View open positions
  • Terminate employee
  • Change Contingent Worker details
  • Convert contingent worker to employee

  • Please make pay changes the first day of a pay period.
  • View Compensation
  • Assign new allowances (i.e. phone, travel stipends)
  • Request a one-time payment
  • Base-pay change
  • Request a bonus

Helpful Reports
    See a full list of recommended Workday Reports

    "Onboarding Status Summary' report
    • All onboarding should be completed before the employee works for RHA.
    • BEST PRACTICE to ensure all onboarding is completed is for a unit to run this report the morning before starting new hire orientation.
    • If any employees are listed as 'in process', units should sit the employee in front of a computer to complete any remaining steps.
    • Units can run report by Supervisory Hierarchy.
    • Shows status of what is completed, in progress, or not started by the new hire.

    HR Partner Training Webinars

    PowerPoint from the 2-day training

    • Stressed importance of ALL new hire onboarding being completed before first day worked, or first thing on the first day working.
    • Importance of the Onboarding Status Summary report to see where all your new hires are in completing all their onboarding, so you can coach the new hire to complete.
    • Rehires:
      • Showed how employees terminated in Workday move to a 'pre-hire' record.  Can find in search by expanding the 'people' category in search results.
      • If you are rehiring an employee within 90 days, you can use the 'straight to hire' process, but you need to do a new background check.
    • How to promote someone to an open position
      • Shows how to promote an employee and move to the position, while ensuring the supervisor organization stays intact.
      • Pick the exact position, not just a basic job position.
    • How to move an employee from a part time to full time position, and how we do that with position management in Workday.

    • Covered the on-boarding process, including role of new hire, HR Partner and Manager.

    • Viewing Actions History
    • Finding Where the process is
    • Rescinding Actions
    • Canceling Actions
    • Correcting Actions
    • Termination Review and PTO Payout
    • Delegations - This is something a Manager, HR Partner, Timekeeper, Absence Partner, Recruiter, or other Workday roles would want to do if you will be out of the office.  Click here for directions on how to Delegate Tasks.
    • What is a ‘Regrettable’ termination
    • PTO Payout – The importance of completing Termination Date, Last Day of Work, Resignation Date.  This drives ‘working the notice’ in policy, which drives Workday automatically determining eligibility for PTO payout.
    • Allowances and one-time payments.

    • Reviewed Guides (on this page, as well as on the Workday for Recruiters page)
    • Demo of how to directly hire a candidate guide
    • Moving employees to a different manager in your units
    • Compensation changes

    Recruiting > Hire Stages
    1. Create Requisition - Assign Primary Recruiter in 'Roles'
    2. Recruiting - Review/screen candidates, phone interviews, physical interviews
    3. Offer - Candidate receives offer
    4. Drug Test/Background Check - after offer accepted
    5. Ready to Hire - Candidate has completed drug test, background check, and credentialing (if applicable)
    6. Hire and Onboarding

    Click here to register and view the 1 hour Workday HR Partner webinar training held on 9/21/17.

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