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Workday for HR Partners

Training for those in the HR Partner Role

For if you're on PTO, etc.

See the Workday for Managers page for more guides

Hire Date = First Day Worked
  • Hire Date in Workday is the 1st day worked, NOT the day an offer was accepted.
  • Hire Date being correct is very important, as it drives a lot of aspects of onboarding.
How to Change Hire Date:
    1. Look up the employee 
    2. Click ‘Job’ 
    3. Click ‘Worker History’. 
    4. Scoll down to the ‘Hire: EMPLOYEE NAME; 
    5. Click the Related Actions (3 dots) 
    6. Business Process 
    7. Correct 
    8. Change the hire date

Rehiring An Employee That Was Terminated in Workday (back to 1/1/2017)

  • When someone is terminated in Workday, then are rehired, there are specific steps you need to take.
  • Once someone is terminated, they become a ‘prehire’ in Workday.
  • Note:  Terminations, or ‘prehires’ don’t show up in Workday’s common search.  Be sure to click ‘People’ on the left when searching for a terminated employee.
  • These steps will ensure there is only ONE Workday record.

How To Do a Rehire within 90 days

    1. Person does not need to go through the application process again.
    2. Open up the terminated prehire record
    3. Find Pre-hire ID, highlight and copy
    4. Go to the open position
    5. Click ‘related actions’
    6. Hire Employee
    7. Use Existing Rehire
    8. Paste the Pre-hire ID

How to update/add social security # - Jeremy

  • Search employee record
  • Click ‘Actions’
  • Click ‘Personal Data’
  • Click ‘Edit ID Information’ to edit the social.
  • Other edit option exist here, i.e. editing name, gender, address, etc.

  • Transfer, promote, change job
  • Change physical work location
  • View open positions
  • Terminate employee
  • Change Contingent Worker details
  • Convert contingent worker to employee

  • Please make pay changes the first day of a pay period.
  • View Compensation
  • Assign new allowances (i.e. phone, travel stipends)
  • Request a one-time payment
  • Base-pay change
  • Request a bonus

Helpful Reports
    See a full list of recommended Workday Reports

    "Onboarding Status Summary' report
    • All onboarding should be completed before the employee works for RHA.
    • BEST PRACTICE to ensure all onboarding is completed is for a unit to run this report the morning before starting new hire orientation.
    • If any employees are listed as 'in process', units should sit the employee in front of a computer to complete any remaining steps.
    • Units can run report by Supervisory Hierarchy.
    • Shows status of what is completed, in progress, or not started by the new hire.

    Drug Testing

    As of February 1st, 2019, we now have two methods of drug testing: Oratect (Saliva) & EZCup (Urine).  This change gives you the ability to select your preferred drug testing method. Chain of Custody forms are still required for all applicants who are tested and should be uploaded to Workday.  

    The “Oratect Saliva (non-dot) 6 panel test” and all “packages (with drug)” have been removed from Workday. Please follow the new process when you have a non-negative result for either an illegal substance or prescription medication:

    • Login to HireRight
    • Select “New Order”
    • Select either the “EZCup Urine (non-dot) 6 panel test” or the “Oratect Saliva (non-dot) 6 panel test” package
    • Send sample to the lab using the provided shipping materials
    • If a prescription was provided, you can choose to initiate the background check while waiting on the results from the lab
    • Login to HireRight to view the results  

    With the addition of these new drug testing methods, we now have a new “HireRight Drug Testing Order Form” (see attachment #1). Only those with the HR Partner role in Workday are authorized to order drug tests for their locations.  If your nursing department is handling drug testing, they must work with their HR Partner to place an order.  

    Standard Adjudication:

    We have switched back to Standard Adjudication from Managed Adjudication. We were finding that managed adjudication was delaying the completion of our background checks. The standard adjudication process allows HR partners to review results and determine if the applicant meets company standards. Please see (attachment #2) for details on how to adjudicate results in HireRight. NOTE: “NC BH Unlicensed and Licensed packages” will continue to use managed adjudication temporarily. HR Partners in BH will be notified when standard adjudication is available. 


    New (Consolidated) Background Check Packages:

    Since going live with HireRight, we have created 25+ background check packages to meet our business need.  As we looked to streamline the process, we found that we could consolidate packages and remove any confusion about package selection.  With that being said, we have consolidated the list of packages significantly. Please see the list of “New” packages below.    

    New (Consolidated) Background Check Packages

    NC, GA, FL – IDD

    NC, GA, FL - Admin - Not Authorized to Drive

    NC, GA, FL - Admin - Authorized to Drive

    NC Behavioral Health Unlicensed Staff

    NC Behavioral Health Licensed Staff

    TN - Admin - Not Authorized to Drive

    TN - Admin - Authorized to Drive

    TN Licensed Care Staff Screen

    TN Unlicensed Care Staff Screen




    Coming Soon:

    - Automated Background Check Package Selection 

    - Recorded Webinars

    We look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes and hearing your request for additional improvements for the future. 

    Workday HCM Webinar - October 2018
    Covered emerging Workday topics and areas of emphasis for those in the HR Partner role at the unit level.

    Managing and Auditing Licenses
    • Workers can always type "Change My License" to update a license
    • Reporting and Auditing -Use the "Worker License Audit (RHA)" report to audit.
    • Everyone Driving for company purposes should have license (picture of license optional)
    • All positions requiring professional licensure should have professional license listed (picture of license required)
    • Complete review and audit by 11/15 

    Corrective Actions in Workday-Required
    • Team Performance for Managers - Workday training information for Managers
    • HR Partner or Management Chain can initiate but Manager has to complete
    • How are you training managers to use Workday?
    Managing Business Processes for Worker at Termination 
    • Reassign Items that need to be completed by someone else
    • Cancel items that are about the worker
    • Review the "Business Process About the Worker" tab and cancel in progress actions about the worker
    Request Job Requisition
    • Rare to create new position
    • Create new position should only be used when expanding services, new position has been budgeted, or reorganization
    • All other times we should reuse an existing position
    • New position requests without justification will be denied

    HR Partner Training

    The Workday HR Partner role training is a comprehensive, in-person, 2-day overview of all the Human Capital Management (HCM) functionality RHA has launched.

    Training Dates
    Click date to register online
    Who Should Attend?
    RHA Executives, Vice Presidents, Unit Leaders and everyone in on the the HCM Partner roles, i.e. HR Partner, Recruiter, Absence Partner, Timekeeper.

    Computer Access
    PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN COMPUTER if you have access to one. This training is best if everyone has their own computer to use. Our training team will have some devices to loan out.

    What Will Be Covered?
    • Core Human Capital Management (HCM)
    • Absence (PTO & Leave)
    • Compensation
    • Recruiting
    • Running reports
    • Schedules
    • Time
    • Updated ‘train-the-trainer’ modules to help you train your unit’s managers and employees
    • Benefits
    • Talent

    Past Training Webinars

    PowerPoint from the 2-day training

    • Stressed importance of ALL new hire onboarding being completed before first day worked, or first thing on the first day working.
    • Importance of the Onboarding Status Summary report to see where all your new hires are in completing all their onboarding, so you can coach the new hire to complete.
    • Rehires:
      • Showed how employees terminated in Workday move to a 'pre-hire' record.  Can find in search by expanding the 'people' category in search results.
      • If you are rehiring an employee within 90 days, you can use the 'straight to hire' process, but you need to do a new background check.
    • How to promote someone to an open position
      • Shows how to promote an employee and move to the position, while ensuring the supervisor organization stays intact.
      • Pick the exact position, not just a basic job position.
    • How to move an employee from a part time to full time position, and how we do that with position management in Workday.

    • Covered the on-boarding process, including role of new hire, HR Partner and Manager.

    • Viewing Actions History
    • Finding Where the process is
    • Rescinding Actions
    • Canceling Actions
    • Correcting Actions
    • Termination Review and PTO Payout
    • Delegations - This is something a Manager, HR Partner, Timekeeper, Absence Partner, Recruiter, or other Workday roles would want to do if you will be out of the office.  Click here for directions on how to Delegate Tasks.
    • What is a ‘Regrettable’ termination
    • PTO Payout – The importance of completing Termination Date, Last Day of Work, Resignation Date.  This drives ‘working the notice’ in policy, which drives Workday automatically determining eligibility for PTO payout.
    • Allowances and one-time payments.

    • Reviewed Guides (on this page, as well as on the Workday for Recruiters page)
    • Demo of how to directly hire a candidate guide
    • Moving employees to a different manager in your units
    • Compensation changes

    Recruiting > Hire Stages
    1. Create Requisition - Assign Primary Recruiter in 'Roles'
    2. Recruiting - Review/screen candidates, phone interviews, physical interviews
    3. Offer - Candidate receives offer
    4. Drug Test/Background Check - after offer accepted
    5. Ready to Hire - Candidate has completed drug test, background check, and credentialing (if applicable)
    6. Hire and Onboarding

    Click here to register and view the 1 hour Workday HR Partner webinar training held on 9/21/17.

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