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Thank You For Your Service, Jill Lineberger!

September 21, 2018

Jill Lineberger, with her two children Eli (10) and Emma (14)
Jill Lineberger, Vice President of Operations for Behavioral Health, is leaving RHA after serving for over 12 years. Jill’s last day at RHA will be September 30, 2018.

“Before leaving I want to let everyone know that working with the RHA team has been an amazing experience”, says Jill.

“I believe myself lucky to have learned so much from so many expectational role models that filled me with passion for our work. RHA has taught me the important lesson of balancing goals and relationships with others, so that the achievement of the goal is success for all.”

Jill has been a key member of RHA’s leadership team, helping RHA grow our Behavioral Health services to become one of the largest providers in the state.

“In reflection, I am most proud of our expansion into so many new communities without quality services’, says Jill. ‘I love working creatively with teams and communities to solve the problem! Helping systems break down barriers, increase access, and work effectively does not happen by choosing the easy path.”

Jill’s contribution, both personal and professional, will be missed.

“Jill has had a tremendous impact on RHA Behavioral Health over the past 12 years of service’, said Brandon Golder, Executive Vice President of RHA Behavioral Health. ‘Jill’s attention to detail and ability to connect with her staff has been transformational for us over the years. I personally wish Jill the best in her endeavors and can’t express my appreciation enough for the work she has done to help us serve our consumers and community.”

“I will miss working with the RHA team, but this change is a new path for my career and personal growth”, said Jill.

We wish Jill well in the next step of her life and career!