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Tablets and Timekeeping
Timekeeping moves to Tablets at our Group Homes & Vocational Centers

November 8, 2014

Good for our Employees

  • Staff can view and approve their own time sheet, on the tablet!
  • No more phone calls to clock in/out.
  • If staff work multiple locations, they can change their work location on the tablet – great for nurses!

Good for RHA

  • Savings - This change will save RHA money.
  • Managing Overtime - Real-time data allows units to stay on budget.
  • Employee Communication - Units can send messages that appear during clock in.
  • Less Administrative Time - Real-time data means Business Office and Home Managers will have more time to review and approve timesheets.
  • Multiple Rates of Pay - System can be set up to allow multiple rates of pay.  Streamlines work for the Business Office, and ensures employees are paidcorrectly.

When Will the Tablets Arrive?

  • More important to do this right, than fast.
  • RHA is methodically deploying these tablets.
  • Tablets already in Georgia and Tennessee.
  • North Carolina will receive tablets between now and early 2015.
  • Timekeeping only at first, more functionality over time.
  • Please wait for Atlanta office to contact you.

Atlanta Office Will Contact Units Regarding

  • Having maintenance install the tablet mounts.
  • Scheduling a time to discuss changes with the Business Manager.
  • Onsite Trainings