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Spotlight: Employee Leadership

Posted January 2016

Carin Neely, LPN RHA Behavioral Health Roanoke Rapids, NC

"Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription." ~ Val Saintsbury

The Roanoke Rapids RHA program has a nurse who not only does a job, but has does so with remarkable compassion.

About two months ago, a client was in the office with one of the doctors for her regular medication management appointment. The client began to seize, the nurse was called, and immediately she went into “compassion mode.” I know that you are thinking that this is what a nurse is supposed to do, but you had to see her in action. She got on the floor, cushioned the client’s head to allow the seizure to take its course, she continued to talk to the client with comforting words, “I am here. You’re okay”.

Once the seizing subsided, the nurse held the client as she gained consciousness and waited for the EMT to arrive. The client’s mother was grateful to our nurse and thanked her-so did we! Thanks to Carin Neely, LPN for a job well done!

Kudos to RHA West Trenton Tennessee/Campus A

RHA West Tennessee in Trenton, TN would like to commend the staff of Campus A, one of our 21 community homes. The staff in this home face many challenges in the pursuit of the TCM lifestyle Teach Me 2, Coach Me 2, Mentor Me 2.

Campus A achieved three consecutive deficiency-free Medicaid Annual Surveys with the most recent completed on November 11, 2015. They are consistently able to work through behavioral episodes while still improving activities of daily living to promote opportunities to become more independent. The staff has developed an atmosphere of teamwork that is truly beneficial.

We are so proud of our entire staff!
Pictured: Georgia Rutherford, QIDP,Chris Anderson, Home Manager Deonsae Ferguson, DSP Tim Harris, DSP Tevin Cole, DSP, Nick Graves, DSP Ray Wade, DSP Howard Comer, DSP Kenneth Boshers, DSP Jimmy Patterson, DSP

Erica Jett RHA Health Services Tar River Greenville, NC

Erica Jett is a new Associate Professional at RHA Tar River, our 30 bed pediatric center in Greenville and will be transitioning to a QP next year. Erica returned full-time to Tar River in August 2015 as a QPA, and is enjoying every minute of the experience.
  • She is a mother of three and grandmother of a 13 month old.
  • Graduated high school in 1994
  • Received Associate and Bachelor degree in Human Service Management from University of Phoenix
  • Currently pursuing Masters of Human Services with a concentration in Family Studies and Interventions at Walden University, and will graduate in May 2016.

Congrats Jean Benson RHA Tar River, Greenville, NC

Jean Benson is a Nationaly Board Certified Teacher at RHA Tar River. She recently passed her Licensed Clinical Social Work, LCSW exam on November 4th. and will be fully licensed in February 2016.