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Ronnie West Retires

December 17, 2018

Ronnie West, RHA’s jack-of-all-trades, is retiring from full-time work with RHA.  Ronnie’s last day was Friday, December 14.

Ronnie will be moving to a ‘semi-retirement’ role, where he will work on special projects.

Ronnie has held many roles at RHA since 1998, including Business Manager, Auditor, Operations Analyst, and Fleet Manager before becoming the Director of Assets.

For everyone that knows Ronnie, you know he’s humble, funny, willing to poke fun at others, etc.  But you also know Ronnie has been extremely valuable to RHA over the past 18+ years.  Ronnie always has a ‘can do’ attitude, and his work with Scott Little and many others during RHA’s rapid growth will always be remembered and appreciated.

Zach Short is now Director of Assets, which includes all Ronnie’s previous responsibilities.

Donna Panton will continue to be the ‘go-to’ person for vehicles.

Good luck filling those shoes, Zach & Donna!