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RHA's Replacing Legacy Employee & Financial Systems with Workday

May 18, 2017

As has been announced to RHA leadership earlier this year, RHA is replacing a lot of our legacy employee and financial systems with Workday.

Workday is a fully mobile software package that empowers employees to access their information via mobile, and greatly improves many of our diverse processes of today. And the great news is that once live, we’re not spending much more than we are today for older, disparate software. One login, everything in one place.

A Paradigm Shift
Our switch to Workday is going to require a bit of a paradigm shift for all of us. We pledge to keep you informed, and to give you the training to successfully use Workday.
  • The biggest change is that a lot of the paper processes of the past will now be done in one system. 
  • Employees will be able to change addresses, update bank information for payroll, see their schedule, request time off, and more! 
  • Supervisors will be able to do most of their employee-related work in Workday too! Whether it’s posting a job, onboarding a new employee, writing staff schedules, approving time and PTO requests, our direct supervisors will now have the ability to do these things directly in one place. 
RHA’s Phase 1 of Aiming for September Go-Live
  • Our internal Workday Deployment team is working hard to configure this software to meet our unit’s needs. 
  • At this point, we plan to go live mid-September.  More info to come. 
  • Phase 1 functionality includes Core HR, Scheduling/Time tracking, Payroll, Recruiting and Onboarding. 
Phase 2 will be a rolling Go-Live between November and Spring 2018. Functionality includes:
  • Performance & Development for every RHA employee (including Direct Support!) 
  • Learning Management System 
  • Benefits Administration 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Compensation 
Phase 3 will Go-Live Summer 2018, and will include:
Financials upgrade dependent on final review of this system
  • Core Financials 
  • Expense 
  • Revenue Management 
  • Procurement 
  • Planning
RHA’s Workday Deployment Team
  • Angie Pascoli – Manager, Technical Projects 
  • Bob Turner – Director, Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness (Project Manager) 
  • Breanne West – Manager, Cash & Payroll (Payroll/Time Subject-Matter Expert) 
  • Denise Redfearn – Chief Information Officer (Executive Sponsor) 
  • Denise Turner – VP of HR 
  • Jay Farber – Controller 
  • Jennifer Lozano – VP of Finance 
  • Jeremy Duffer – Director, HR (HR/Recruiting/Absence/Time Subject-Matter Expert) 
  • Misty Guinn – Director, Wellness & Benefits 
  • Nick Sulaiman – Chief Financial Officer 
  • Steve Cumbee – VP of IT (Workday Administrator, co-project manager) 

Workday Training Plan 
  • We’re working on finalizing our Workday training plan for all employees and managers 
  • We will share more in mid-August
  • Expect training to occur the last 2 weeks of August & first week of September