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RHA's New Social Media Policy

May 18, 2017

RHA has a new Company-sponsored Social Media Policy.
  • Social Media can be a powerful tool to connect with employees, the people we serve and support/families, important community stakeholders and potential employees.
  • RHA is moving to the company-wide use of social media
  • However, we need to be careful about speaking as one company
  • Click here for the full RHA social media policy, or find on the network ‘Forms’ drive in the ‘Marketing & Communications’ folder

New Social Media Accounts 
  • The creation of any new RHA social media account must be approved and coordinated through the Marketing & Communications Team 
  • If you believe your program Richelle Mitchell, & Debbie Valentine,
  • If approved, we can help you with co-managing the account and developing engaging content for posting. 
For Existing RHA Social Media Accounts
  • If you currently manage a previously created RHA social media account, please contact Marketing & Communications so that we can keep up with existing accounts and know who is maintaining them. 
  • Marketing & Communication contacts are Richelle Mitchell & Debbie Valentine
Bob Turner,
May 19, 2017, 7:54 AM