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RHA Launches Company Facebook Page

May 18, 2017
We’re excited to announce that RHA now has an official company Facebook page! Find us at!

The main Facebook page will be managed by members of the Marketing & Communications Team and the HR Department.  We hope employees will “Like” the new FB page, encourage others to do likewise, and help us think of interesting content for posting.

For now, RHA is still blocking access to Facebook from most company computers, as network speed is important. If you need access to Facebook from your work computer for business reasons, please contact IT.

Click here for information about RHA's Social Media Policy

Posts for Facebook
  • If you are interested in posting material to the company’s Facebook page, please submit your request and any materials to the Marketing & Communications Team via Richelle Mitchell or Debbie Valentine.
  • Before submitting post requests, first consider the most appropriate platform for promoting your subject material. Would your content be best presented on the company FB page or would it be more effective if added to our website, blog or the newsletter?
  • For example, lengthy articles and feature stories may be more appropriate for the blog or company newsletter than the corporate FB page. In general, the most effective FB posts are eye-catching, visually engaging and short on wordiness. The best posts utilize color, photos and/or videos to encourage dialogue and feedback.
6 Facebook Post Categories
Please note that all post ideas are subject to review/editing and there is no guarantee that the content you submit will be posted. In general, we are looking for Facebook posts that fall into one of the following six categories:
  1. Highlighting RHA programs and services (with the appropriate signed consent, these may include testimonials from consumers and the people we support).
  2. Calls to action and raising awareness of how policies and legislation impact our services and the people we support.
  3. News & Current Events – these could be trending topics from within RHA or from relevant & reliable outside sources.
  4. Human interest/Self-advocacy – may include inspiring or impactful posts about people with disabilities.
  5. Recruitment – job ads, promoting the RHAJobs website and our CareerBuilder listings (with the appropriate consent, this may include employee testimonials).
  6. Just for Fun (appropriate cartoons, “fun facts” and “did you know?” type material).
Facebook Ads For Program Outreach & Recruitment Purposes
  • If you would like to utilize the company FB page to run ads promoting your program, please contact the Marketing & Communications team for assistance.
  • Be advised, however, that FB ads are not free. You may set your own budget for these but they must be paid for via credit card out of your program’s budget.
  • Contact Marketing & Communications for more information.
  • If you would like assistance with recruitment using FB’s new job posting tools, please contact your HR Business Partner.
Comments Policy
Social media is about engagement with others, inviting interested people to become part of a larger discussion about us, our services, and the issues that concern the people we serve. Inviting conversation may sometimes result in negative feedback or critical remarks.

Responding to any comments in a timely, professional and positive manner demonstrates that we as a company care about customer satisfaction, the quality of our services/programs, and the professionalism of our team members.

Here are a few helpful guidelines for navigating comments and responses on any company-sponsored social media platform:
  • Do not reveal any personal, confidential, health/medical or identifying information about the people we serve (HIPAA – protected information)
  • Do not use profanity, abusive language or personal attacks when commenting or responding to comments on social media.
  • RHA retains the right to remove/delete any comment that is deemed inflammatory, derogatory, slanderous, threatening or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Respond to all comments in a respectful, professional manner.
    • If someone has a complaint about a service we provided, please express respect for their concern and a desire to promptly resolve the issue.
    • Ask if you may follow up with them privately about the issue via phone, email, or private messaging within the social media platform itself. For example, on Facebook, you can send private messages to the commenter that are not visible on the main FB page.
    • If a commenter has an ethics complaint, please ask them to either call our ethics/compliance line: 1-866-742-2428 or submit a report using the online form located on our website @ Be sure to let them know that both our compliance helpline and online reporting form are private and confidential.