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RHA Advocates Re-authorization of Money Follows the Person (MFP) Program to U.S. Congress

The following comes from an ANCOR weekly update on September 7, 2018 

ANCOR Leads Money Follows the Person Re-authorization with House Briefing

On September 5, the House Energy and Commerce Committee hosted a hearing on the EMPOWER Care Act (HR 5306) which seeks to reauthorize funding for the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program. ANCOR has been a lead supporter of the EMPOWER Care Act, cosponsored by Representatives Brett Guthrie (R-KY) and Debbie Dingell (D-MI).
In support of the movement of the EMPOWER Care Act this week in the House, ANCOR cohosted a packed briefing with 9 other leading disability organizations including the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities (NASDDDS) and The Arc of the United States. ANCOR invited Georgia member Frank Kirkland of RHA to speak at the briefing and share the importance of the MFP program to providers and their services.

“We have seen the benefits of the program firsthand. … Oftentimes without the availability of Money Follows the Person funding, the person couldn't transition into the community because they did not have the money themselves,” aid Kirkland. He also shared two distinct stories of individuals that RHA served that allowed both women the resources – including the staff training – they needed to live quality lives in the community and to significantly improve their health outcomes.
ANCOR expects House passage of the bill soon, hopefully with Senate passage shortly thereafter. To increase its chances of passing, ANCOR will feature the EMPOWER Care Act as a key legislative ask for its Policy Summit and Hill Day in October.

“The MFP program is a proven tool that can re-balance funding from nursing homes or state institutions into community services where people can thrive and live quality lives. The program has also helped to reduce waiting lists and improve health outcomes for people with I/DD who use it,” said Sarah Meek, ANCOR's Director of Legislative Affairs. “The spirit of bipartisanship around the EMPOWER Care Act reminds us that thoughtful policy is still alive and well in Washington and there is always potential to join together for good.”
“The Money Follow the Persons program has allowed thousands of individuals with disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to choose to go back to their own homes," said Representative Brett Guthrie [R-KY]. "That's why we named our bill the EMPOWER Care Act – because this program empowers individuals with disabilities and seniors to choose care that works best for them. I want to thank the many organizations that helped organize today's briefing and bring attention to this issue. I hope to see the EMPOWER Care Act approved in tomorrow's markup and look forward to continuing to work on this issue.”
Learn more about MFP and the EMPOWER Care Act by downloading ANCOR’s MFP one-pager. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact Sarah Meek, ANCOR’s Director of Legislative Affairs, at