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Reminders on Holiday Pay & Requesting Time Off On a Holiday

With the Holiday upon us, we wanted to give you some reminders/guidance on handling Holiday Pay for full-time employees.

Recognized Company Holidays

  • RHA Recognizes these Six (6) Holidays 
  • New Year’s Day (January 1st) 
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day (July 4th) 
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • (last Thursday in November) 
  • Christmas Day (December 25th

How Full Time Employees Get Paid Holiday Pay

  • Full Time Employees (both hourly and salaried) will automatically be paid 8 hours Holiday Pay in Workday.
  • Part-time employees do not receive Holiday Pay

For FT Employees Typically Scheduled More Than 8 Hours
    • If a FT employee is typically scheduled MORE than 8 hours on a holiday, and want to take PTO for the difference, they should request PTO hours on a different day than the holiday.  Workday does not let PTO requests happen on a company holiday.  Here's an example:
      1. A full time employee typically works a 12 hour shift.
      2. The FT employee will automatically receive 8 hours holiday pay for a holiday (i.e. New Year's Day, 4th of July)
      3. To make up the difference between the typical 12 hours worked and the 8 hours Holiday Pay (4 hours), the employee would want to request 4 hours PTO on another day (i.e. 12/26 or 7/3).

Requesting Time Off On A Holiday

Holiday Pay IS NOT the same as requesting off for a Holiday

A few important items to understand about Holiday Pay

  • Holiday Pay is automatically paid to full-time employees.
  • No action is need by you or your manager to be paid Holiday Pay.

How Full Time Employee Should Request Off Work On A Holiday

If you need off on a company recognized holiday, please request a Holiday Absence in Workday via the Absence Worklet (browser) or the Time Off worklet (mobile app).
  1. In Workday, click the ‘Absence’ or 'Time Off' Worklet
  2. Select the Holiday you are requesting off work
  3. Choose the ‘Holiday’ absence type (there is no impact on pay for choosing this type of Absence).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review your Holiday Absence Request.  Hours are based on the assigned schedule for the employee, and can be edited.
  6. Submit.

Reminder for Worksite Closures During the Holidays

  • If your worksite is closed on Friday (Day after Thanksgiving, which is not a company holiday), then an employee would need to take PTO to be paid.
  • If an employee does not have PTO (or isn’t yet eligible to take PTO), and the worksite is closed, then this would be an unpaid day off.

Holiday Pay Overview

In 2016, RHA introduced Holiday Pay.  Full-time employees receive 48 hours of Holiday Pay per year. 

  • All full-time employees will receive 8 hours of Holiday Pay for each company recognized holiday at the time of hire to be used for the remaining holidays in that calendar year. 
  • Pay for these 48 Holiday Pay hours are available to employees immediately upon hire, and will automatically be processed. (PTO still can’t be used until six (6) consecutive full-time months with the company). 
  • Hourly Employees that work on a company-recognized holiday will be paid their holiday pay plus their normal hourly rate for the time they worked. 
  • Holiday Pay was made possible by the changes in PTO accrual and payout schedules
  • In order to be eligible for Holiday Pay, an employee must actually work the last scheduled work day before and the first scheduled work day after the holiday, except where the employee’s absence is due to approved PTO.

Hourly Full-time employees will receive the holiday pay and either:

1.       Get the day off OR
       Get paid what they work that day and get Holiday pay

Holiday Pay Basics 

  • Holiday Pay hours are separate from PTO hours. 
  • Holiday Pay and PTO time are NOT part of the equation for Overtime. 
  • Exempt salaried employees will be paid their full salary during weeks of a Holiday