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Print your Dental Cards!

RHA 's dental provider is MetLife.

Company Name is RHA Health Services 
Group # is 166253

Met Life does not send out dental cards to enrolled members
Below is information to help employees access dental enrollment information and download a copy of their card.
  • Members may also contact the MET Life Dental call center at 800-942-0854
  • Employees will need to provide the SSN and the RHA group # 166253

MetLife Mobile App
  • The MetLife Mobile App is available on the iTunes® App Store and Google Play.
  • Download the app, and use it to find a participating dentist, view your claims1 and to see your ID card.

MetLife benefits information right from your desktop
  • The MyBenefits web site is a quick and easy way for you to get the information you need about your MetLife benefits — all in one place.
  • Log in at to see how we’ve taken personalization and integration to a new level.

Personalized Homepage to all your MetLife benefits
Get more information on your MetLife benefits, where you can link to detailed coverage information and can perform tasks, such as:

Dental Plans
Easily find a participating dentist or view your benefits, copay or coinsurance amount, and claims1 online. Plus, you will have access to our extensive Oral Health Library to research important dental topics.

Dental ID cards
  • Cards are available online for you to download and print at your convenience.
  • Cards contain your name, employer’s name and group number (RHA group # 166253)
  • Also included are MetLife’s claims submission address, website address, customer service telephone number and a service number for International Dental Travel Assistance.

Additional MyBenefits features include:
  • Planning tools that you can use to help you make informed decisions regarding your retirement, benefits coverage as well as other useful information for a variety of everyday topics.
  • Forms and documents that you may need are located in the “Tools & Resources” area at the bottom of the MyBenefits home page for you to download.
  • In the “News & Updates” section you’ll find information from MetLife and your employer such as enrollment dates and new product offerings.
  • Online claims tracking and email notifications called eAlerts, which will provide information regarding status changes to your claims for certain benefits
Bob Turner,
Jan 31, 2018, 1:52 PM