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NC State and RHA Team Together for Employment

Spotlight Stories

Clifton (pictured with hat) was referred to us for employment services almost two years ago. We first started with a community based assessment, or what we also call “career exploration” to determine what type of employment would be a good fit and what supports should be in place for him to be successful.

Clifton Clifton and his Employment Specialist, Juli Lawerence, were able to confirm Clifton’s interest in food service by doing some job sampling out in the community.

When Clifton was ready for competitive employment in food service, job development services began for him. He started his employment in the dish room at Case Dining Hall, but advanced to making pizzas and grilled panini sandwiches, along with many other duties.


Marcus came to us over three years ago and was really excited about this opportunity to work with Bob and his team at NCSU. He started at entry level but soon began working in the dining room.Refilling milk and beverage machines and busing tables are just a few of his job duties.

He loves working the evening shift which provides food services for the athletes. He likes interacting with all the students and loves his special privileges which include attending sporting events on campus!

“It has been a joy to see Clifton and Marcus make such progress in their jobs at NCSU. We do our best to make the right match for the people we serve and for our employers… that’s what we take pride in”, says Monika Laprad, Operations Manager for Employment Services.
About Employment Services

The goal for all of our RHA Employment Services programs is to help people with disabilities obtain and maintain employment, to identify and obtain the right job match, and for the duration of that employment to be long term.

We have people with all different skill sets and interests, but working in the food service industry is a high demand request from many consumers. As a result, our RHA Employment Services program in Wake County partnered with North Carolina State University about four years ago.

That relationship is still going strong today with our great partner, Bob Sorochak, who manages the Case Dining Hall at NCSU and his team. This dining hall serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to sometimes 300 diners in one day and is also rumored to have the best food on campus!

For more information about this program, please email or call 919-803-2960

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