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March 2019 - RHA Organizational Update

What Is This 'Org Update' all about?
  • Our End-In-Mind is to ensure RHA leaders & staff are plugged in to what's going on inside our company!
  • The more we understand, the better we can help those we serve and support!
Please contact Bob Turner in Marketing & Communications regarding any feedback to make this call more meaningful to you.

Executive Update from Jeanne Duncan, Chief Executive Officer 
  • I'm constantly impressed with the quality of work being done by everyone. Very proud.
  • Working on quite a few projects around services, training curriculum for IDD.
  • CARF - Wants to congratulate the team that worked on the 3-yr CARF accreditation. RHA received a glowing report. This accreditation was/is a team effort. Job well done.
NC Medicaid Transformation
  • Will be like the last transformation, but ‘on steroids'.
  • Will work with current MCOs, and at least 5 new private payers.
  • The standard and tailored plan will be like a normal private insurer for the people we support.
  • RHA is working internally to prepare for this change.
  • Visit the State of North Carolina Medicaid Transformation website.
Work with NC Legislature on Pay Rates
  • RHA is working with our association and the state to work in IDD rate increases, which will allow us to pass on pay increases to these staff.
  • There is a bill being crafted in the NC General Assembly.
  • We’ll keep you posted.

Executive Update from Nick Sulaiman, President 

System Stabilization
  • Recent focus on stabilizing our systems like Workday and our PACEnet practice management system.
Organizational Structure
  • Also looking to ensure we’re structured properly to work with our systems, with the goal always on providing great services to the people we support.
  • Ultimate goal is to invest in our people, and ensure our foundation is strong.
  • Most recent focus has been on the IDD side of our business.
  • Working on what seems to be a disconnect between our structure, policies & procedures compared to the reality and needs in the field.
  • We are working to ensure we align these to better, so we can focus on the important work we all do every day.

Quality Assurance, Compliance & Risk Management 

Media Requests - Danny Fulmer, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Please route all media requests to Danny Fulmer.
  • We recently had an incident in Lincolnton, NC involving some employees. We had a request from media, and local leadership did forward the request to Danny. Danny was able to work with Jeanne and Jennifer to develop a response. All the local leaders did this the right way!
  • Thank you, and keep up the good work!
CARF Update – Carmela Phillips, Executive Director - Compliance & Quality
  • RHA received a 3 year accreditation from CARF for specific programs located at 24 sites.
  • This is the highest-level we could have received.
  • RHA received glowing feedback both verbally and in writing regarding the quality of RHA’s services.
  • The few recommendations RHA received from CARF to ensure we keep
  • Services Accredited:
    • Crisis Stabilization: Mental Health (Adults)
    • Day Treatment: Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)
    • Detoxification/Withdrawal Management: Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)
    • Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)
    • Outpatient Treatment: Integrated: AOD/MH (Adults)
    • Outpatient Treatment: Integrated: AOD/MH (Children and Adolescents)
Council on Quality & Leadership (CQL) Update – Krissy Wood
  • CQL is the accreditation for all RHA IDD and most BH services.
  • RHA is the longest-standing company with continuous CQL Accreditation.
  • Last was 2016, we are preparing for our 2020 accreditation this year by pulling together teams.
  • Recently held a touch-point regarding our Person-Centered Excellence Plan through our meaningful day focus.
  • CQL stated how impressed they were on RHA’s continued focus on innovation & quality.

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Operations 
Nick Sulaiman stepped in for Jennifer Lineberger, Chief Operating Officer-IDD

Acquisition of ProLex
  • RHA was able to acquire a very reputable Prolex, an IDD provider in Chattanooga, TN.
  • Brought in ~40 clients in 19 homes, with ~120 new staff joining RHA.
  • Jennifer and her team are working hard to bring these new persons-supported and employees on to RHA.
Workday (Time-sheet) Challenges and Opportunities
  • Looking at areas within our Circle of Influence to improve our timekeeping process, an area we’ve struggled with a bit.
  • Unfortunately, with the flexibility Workday gave us, we lost some of the controls that prevented some timekeeping abuses and has led to overtime increasing rapidly.
Pilot Program in Maiden and Statesville
  • After listening to our front-line leaders, we made a decision to invest in what has traditionally been the home manager and house assistant roles.
  • We are running a pilot program in Maiden and Statesville on a new staffing model, which will expand their responsibilities, training & pay to better manage local operations.
  • This model will be tested and adjusted in the coming months.
  • If successful, we plan to expand this model to all our IDD units over time.

Behavioral Health Operations - Brandon Golder, Senior Vice President

Tennessee Expansion
  • We have received our license to operate in Tennessee
  • Currently finalizing physical space in Knoxville, TN
  • Working with state-wide payers to identify areas where RHA can help.
  • We are working to piggy-back with our current IDD units in eastern TN
  • Also looking at Substance Use service offerings in TN
North Carolina Expansion
  • RHA recently took over serving 80 peer support consumers
  • RHA also acquired Carteret Counseling, a substance use program in Morehead City.
Structure to Support Behavioral Health Growth 
  • Working on our reporting to better manage our business
  • New Census and Productivity reports to help local leaders better manage our business, and to give the business intelligence to rapidly react to changes in service demand.
  • It will be important to track and respond to increases/decreases in demand as NC Medicaid transformation takes effect.
  • Also working to streamline our business office functions by solidifying the ‘RHA way’ to better have a model for today and the future.
  • We are also exploring a Call Center to be able more quickly direct callers to the correct resource. This will also give us better metrics.
Medication Management Hub Model 
  • Centralized scheduling and delivery of service option to meet quickly-emerging needs of our consumers by leveraging technology.
Clinical Updates - Sharlena Thomas, BH Clinical Director
  • Trauma-Informed Care – Have conducted training for BH directors, will be doing with our IDD Administrators.
  • The BH Operations Manual - Was recently updated for CARF. Please educate yourself by finding in the ‘Manuals’ folder on the Forms Drive.
  • Discharge Cleanup – We are working on a process to clean up some system discharge issues we’ve had. We’ll continue to look at systems, training and policy to ensure we are properly discharging persons-supported when they leave our care.

Information Technology - Denise Redfearn, Chief Information Officer 

NC Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • A bill in the NC General Assembly would extend the go-live date from June 2019 to 2020.  Participation MAY be voluntary for IDD providers, with potential incentives for participation.
  • RHA is connected to the HIE already, but extension would take off some pressure.
  • If voluntary for IDD, looking at incentives for those that do.
  • RHA has been a leader in the HIE project with the state, working on pilot initiatives and even served as a keynote speaker recently.
NC Notify
  • NC Notify is a separate initiative from the NC HIE.
  • For our Behavioral Health business.
  • We're still working on this to built out further.
  • PACEnet notification has already been developed so if someone was to go to ER, RHA providers would be notified.
  • Billing mostly built, working on collections and accounting.
  • BH billing will be first to go live.
  • Working on IDD inserts (i.e. census).
  • EVD verification possible for TN, will be going to Nashville to continue to work on that with TennCare. 
  • The Workday Committee is working on time/PTO changes to align with policies, in alignment with new IDD model.
  • Direct support staff will be restricted to ‘Check In/Out’, and will not be able to enter time blocks anymore.
  • PTO will also need to be submitted 2 days prior.  If due to sickness, please work with your local timekeeper.
  • Will restrict some groups to only check in/out, PTO requests with at least 2 days.
  • Changes take effect 3/24.
Contract Management
  • RHA is working on a contract management system to better store and manage our contracts.
  • We have narrowed down to top 2, with pricing.
  • Denise will work with internal stakeholders on final system choice, implementation, etc
Potential RHA Call Center
  • Looking at technology to handle a call center for RHA, which would be a single phone number for RHA to take calls and route quickly.
  • Looked to ZenDesk Talk, their call center capability to take a call, do a warm transfer to connect to local unit/person.
  • A lot of potential for this, including eligibility enrollment, call tracking, referrals, persons seeking services.
  • Needs to ensure this can work with our current infrastructure.
  • Testing on all RHA phone systems, cell, etc. Creates tickets to track.
Conference Calling
  • RHA has been using RollCall and a few other conference-calling or web meeting applications.
  • Zach/Mya have done a good job setting up testing for a product called Zoom
  • Would bring a lot of opportunity for clinical uses (HIPAA certified), conference calls, online live training, etc.
  • Looks like we can do this for cheaper and better than what we're using today.
  • As we transition, RHA will be Roll Call to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Look for more information soon.
Internet Browsers 
  • RHA is looking to update our browsers to ensure everything works for you.
  • RHA is testing Chrome as our preferred browser with Workday, PACEnet, common MCO websites, etc. Testing with some BH units. Once testing finalized, we’ll work to expand company-wide over time.

Finance - David Hecht, Sr. Vice President

FY 2019-20 Budgets
  • In the middle of budget season planning for the 2020 fiscal year, which starts in July 2019.
  • IDD & BH budgets in-process.
  • 1st round review targeted for late March/early April.
  • Then work to finalized budgets toward late April.
Future Budgeting
  • Today we use Excel for BH, Access for IDD.
  • We’re looking at better tools/models to use in the future to meet the growing complexities, and ensure it ties into our Workday structure.
  • We’ve stuck with our current budgeting tools this year, and look to launch our new tool next year.

Human Resources - Denise Turner, Vice President

Total Rewards
  • Total rewards focus on 5 areas: Compensation, Benefits, Wellbeing, Reward & Recognition, Learning & Career Opportunities.
  • Leadership committee and employee council have started.
  • Wellbeing Focus – Wells Fargo holding local meetings for employees on financial well-being. Good feedback so far.
  • Best practice is always to refer employees to the RHA Benefits Service Center
  • Service Center can help if employee is having issues signing up for benefits.
  • On-boarding needs to be fully completed before Workday triggers benefits enrollment.
  • Open enrollment was fully finalized in late January. Not accepting any appeals for late enrollees, but changes can be made if a Qualifying Event (birth of child, marriage, change in job status, etc.)
2019 Performance Review Cycle
  • Will be sending out dates, schedule, info in putting in goals, requesting/giving feedback.
  • Will also push 2018 performance reviews not done to ‘completion’ in Workday.
  • Will start mid-April for self reviews, all May for manager reviews, June for completing reviews, employee feedback sessions, etc.
  • Timing to be completed by end of fiscal year.
  • Direct Support have their annual review on their hire-date anniversary, which is a separate timeline and process from the one mentioned above.

Learning & Development - Robin Correll, Vice President Nursing 

Marketing & Communications - Bob Turner, Director

Public Website Update
  • Marketing will launch an updated menu for the website the week of March 25
  • Our goal is to help visitors find information more easily.
  • This menu changes lays the foundation for further website development.
  • More to come later this year!
RHA Public Newsletter
  • The next RHA public newsletter will be completed for an April distribution, both in print and electronically.
  • Marketing will be sending newsletters to each unit, for you to share with your staff and communities.
Videos to Tell Our Story
  • Marketing is also working on a new video to highlight the great work you do every day.
  • Focus will be on the real stories where RHA's Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health and Substance Use services have made a life-changing impact on people you serve and support.