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June 2019 Organizational Update

June 20, 2019

Purpose of the Monthly Organizational Update Call

For RHA Executives/Leadership to share functional updates with unit and front-line leaders regarding:
  • Executive updates from Jeanne Duncan, CEO &/or Nick Sulaiman, President
  • Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Operations
  • Behavioral Health Operations
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance/Quality Assurance
  • Asset & Facilities
  • Marketing & Communications
Who’s Invited?
  • All unit leadership (i.e. Administrators, Directors, Business Managers, HR Coordinators)
  • ALL FRONT-LINE LEADERS (anyone with a direct report in Workday)
  • Corporate Employees
  • Feel free to forward this invitation to someone in your reporting structure, if appropriate.

CEO Updates – Jeanne Duncan

NC MCO Fiscal Year Ending
  • Budget year for MCOs is ending, and we’re managing a lot of the contracts coming in.
  • Our new contract management system coming will help us manage.
  • 3-5 contracts are coming in each day, she’s working on reviewing and sending out.

NC Legislative Updates
  • Seems like more bills dealing with RHA’s IDD/MH/SU business this year than we’ve had in some time. Jeanne works to send these bills to RHA staff and associations to gather input and feedback.
  • DSP Pay in NC
    • We’ve worked hard to get a bill in looking at our direct support pay rates.
    • House didn’t put in budget bill, Senate did. House/Senate Conference Budget Bill currently has the dollars to go toward direct care staff.
    • If current bill becomes law, dollars will be passed to MCOs, which then go to providers like RHA to pass on to staff. Specifically, ICF focused.
    • But also includes language for a study of Waiver services and the ability to address pay for IDD Waiver services.
    • We expect the Governor to veto the bill, as he wants Medicaid expansion, and negotiation naturally happens.
    • Also includes ~1,000 additional Waiver slots for persons-supported.
    • We expect final bill to be a horse-trade between DSP pay and Waiver slots.
  • Expecting a 3rd straight year of single-stream funding reduction to MCOs. Hearing from MCOs that this will result in cuts in state-funding services.

NC Medicaid Transformation
  • Still starting with 2 regions beginning in November, the rest next Feb. They want care management to be as close to the service as possible. RHA will look at if care management is something we want to be a part of. We are working on some communications to help you point staff receiving notices on the private MCO plan choice later this year. We see this impacting BH more than IDD. 
  • Visit RHA's Understanding Medicaid Transformation Website for staff and persons-supported

President Updates – Nick Sulaiman
  • Everyone is continuing to do great work.
  • Anticipate we will have some more acquisitions in the next year.
  • All this is driven by your hard work and dedications.
  • Thank you for another successful great year.
  • Continue to work to maximize our investments in and effectiveness of Workday and PACEnet.
  • Policy/Procedures – Ensure the policies and procedures created over past 30 years are reviewed and updated to ensure they align with our work.
  • Pilot Programs – Will continue to review our 5 pilot programs. We will continue to tweak and roll out as they’re ready.
Please let us know if there are areas you want to know more/less about on these organizational update calls.

Clinical Updates
Nick Covered Clinical Updates on Behalf of Sharlena Thomas

Trauma Informed Care (TIC)
  • TIC training for Administrators of IDD services was held successfully with 30 participants via Zoom.
  • Additional trauma training has been requested and we’ll probably hold another TIC for admin to include leadership within BH and IDD services to include new staff and those who missed the trainings.
DLA 20
  • The planning call for DLA 20 training has been scheduled with MTM for this coming Monday. This is just a planning session. Details of actual training to follow.
  • Sharlena is meeting with Denise Redfearn next week to test DLA in PACEnet for rollout to you in the field.
Clinical Team Updates 
  • Some slight clinical leadership reorganization.
  • Danashia Walker moving from east to central region in NC.
  • Danashia’s functions will be assumed by Annie Beck, who is serving in a hybrid position for New Bern. Sharlena is meeting with Annie Wednesday of next week to train her in clinical leadership functions.

IDD Operations Updates – Jennifer Lineberger

Hours Report
  • Please continue to review the Hours Report Hares sends out.
Workday Daily Hours
  • Jennifer has been reviewing the Workday Daily Hours report.
  • Seeing some staff hours are logging hours to the wrong cost center.
  • Please ensure your staff are assigned to the correct cost center by default in Workday, so their time worked is charged to the correct cost center.

BH Operations Updates – Brandon Golder

  • Appreciate the work everyone has done this past year.
  • Many changes in the past year, including front office, revenue cycle, streamlining med & office supplies that have helped us right-size our business

New BH Leaders – Read the full announcement and learn more about Annie, Bobby and Brian 
  • Annie Beck – New Bern Director and serving as a Clinical leadership role as well.
  • Bobby Brown Jr. – Knoxville, worked at AmeriGroup, experienced. First BH TN employee. Licensed clinician starting as clinical program manager.
  • Brian Minga – Wilmington Director. Business Dev. Background.
Wrapping Fiscal Year
  • Please look inside Workday to ensure all financials are accurate.

Information Technology Updates - Denise Redfearn

  • DLA 20 programming completed. This will help us get systematic clinical outcomes, which is important with NC Medicaid Transformation. Keep an eye out for clinical instructions on how to use.
NC Notify
  • Alerts us to physical and other care like ER or primary care for persons we support.
  • If you are the person caring for them, then you’ll see this notification in PACEnet.
  • NC Notify is fully functional and will be in PACEnet in the next few weeks.
  • Sending a paneled list once a week of current clients. We get a daily feed back into our system if person-supported receives physical health services to better align care.
  • Helps us meet some MCO requirements for enhanced rates, including tracking ED visits, follow-up with emergency discharge, etc.
Workday Learning
  • Nellie, Erika, Robin and Krissy are leading this project. IDD NEO/Recert go-live tracking toward August.
  • Working to collect all certificates from units to load into the system.
  • Will also include an in-depth audit, specifically for direct care workers.
  • IDD Administrators – Please keep collecting and scanning training certificates to upload into Workday. Also need to make sure training records are accurate
  • Phase 2 (dates TBD) will be BH NEO in same manner. Big picture, work to expand other training like Workday, etc. beyond simply payback training.
Workday Expenses
  • Had a long pause after Financials launches. MasterCard integration was key.
  • Will have 2 programs:
    1. Employee Cards (live first)
    2. Purchase Cards (shared credit cards like for group homes, etc.).
  • More info and training coming soon.
Contracts – ContractSafe
  • ContractSafe is the software we will soon be using to store, track and manage all contracts. Support version history.
  • Mya has served as a project manager to gather contracts from a corporate and local level.
  • Want all contracts loaded up. Goal would be to have all contracts uploaded in July. We want to wrap up implementation and ensure everyone that needs access has it.
  • Training will be available too.
  • If Mya has reached out, please follow up with her. 
  • We’re hearing positive feedback from the field.
  • If you need hardware (webcam/microphones) for a desktop computer, IT can order for you. Get back to Denise if you need this to fully use Zoom.
  • Zoom Room – We hope to use this as a replacement with Polycom systems. Cheaper and easier to use. Also works with our PolyCom system as well. We hope to pilot in Chattanooga.
  • If you haven’t taken a live training session, Denise highly recommends it. Will really help using on your computer or phone. The plugin to Outlook helps making meetings easy.
  • We have a corporate account now. If you need any Adobe software, please reach out to Denise.
  • You will need your Administrator or Director’s approval.
Amazon Prime
  • Ramping up our RHA corporate account. If you need access for purchasing in your area, please let Denise know.
  • If you have a Prime account you’re using for the company, please let Denise know so it can be pulled into our corporate account.
Centralized Call Center
  • We will be kicking off our initial version of RHA’s Centralized Call Center.
  • Starting small until we get a better idea of call volume.
  • Also working with Brandon on routing calls, info captured, etc. Also building scripts for IDD.
  • Future – Referral tracking, scheduling etc. Will look going forward, but starting small then can grow over time. Key is to answer questions of caller.

Finance Updates - David Hecht

  • Goal is to finalize budgets by the end of the month, so everyone has a clear target.
  • Working on a few small acquisitions in Georgia and Tennessee.

Human Resources Updates - Denise Turner & Jeremy Duffer

Performance Evaluations/Reviews – Denise and Jeremy
  • Denise – This is a great opportunity to give feedback (opportunities/challenges). Care enough to give open-honest feedback!
  • 1-on-1 feedback sessions are due by the end of June.
  • Thank you to all the managers that have taken the time to complete performance reviews and give feedback to your staff.
  • We hope feedback is something you do often and naturally throughout the year. We’re working to help you with that over the next year.
  • 96% of reviews have been completed.
  • Some managers missed the window to complete reviews. A communication was sent to these folks on how to get this review back.
  • If you are a ‘manager-of-the-manager’, please contact with employee name and manager the review needs to be sent to.
  • If you are involved with recruiting in your unit, please look at to ensure your ad is complete and accurate.
  • We recommend putting up pay ranges (based on education/experience) in job ads. This is best-practice in a low unemployment environment. Many people won’t even apply for a job without pay ranges. Specifically important for direct support positions, so no one’s time (RHA staff or applicant) is wasted if they’re not willing to work for the pay rate.
  • Please review your job ads. Make sure it’s on, search for the job on Google, Indeed, etc. If you can’t find it, don’t seem to be getting candidates, HR encourages you to contact HR via
Wellbeing Spotlight
  • In July, the Benefits department is officially launching the new RHA Wellbeing Spotlight on
  • This new landing page helps communicate the most current information relative to total wellbeing in the area of physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing , financial wellbeing.
  • Sections of the new Wellbeing Spot light include a new Perks & More section – communicating discounts employees may have just by being an RHA employee or a card member with Anthem , Met Life or UNUM just to name a few, popular vendor websites in one place for easy access and programs to support total wellbeing.
Wellbeing Spotlight & Photo Contest!
  • Excited to officially launch the Wellbeing spot light be on the lookout over the next couple of week for the RHA Photo contest program
  • Your chance to be featured on the Monthly edition of the Wellbeing spotlight.
  • Want to spotlight discounts available for employees.
  • Also highlighting chronic condition programs.
  • We look forward to any feedback – stay tuned more to come.

Quality Assurance - Carmela Phillips

Practice Transformation Project – Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC)
  • RHA is collaborating with CCNC. CCNC is an organization that does care coordination of physical health.
  • Working with CCNC on quality initiatives.
  • We’re working to solicit more feedback on the quality of our services from people we serve and their family members. Connecting those that use tobacco with nicotine cessation. Helping inform persons-served on finding the right kind of care (ER, Urgent Care, Primary Care, Behavioral Health).
  • Piloting in Central NC.

QA Dept Talking Points
  • IDD and BH is pushing out regular talking points to help ensure quality is our main focus.
  • IDD – Every month
  • BH – Every 2 weeks

Asset & Facilities - Zach Short

CAPEX Budget
  • We came in close to budget for FY 2019
  • Understand many had challenges finding contractors to do timely work this past year. More on this shortly.
  • Please send Zach your FY20 CAPEX budget by Wednesday, June 26th.
SMS Assist – Property Maintenance
  • Working with SMS Assist.
  • This company will help us find any kind of vendor/contractor to help you do work on your properties. Electrical, roofing, plumbing, etc.
  • Hope to streamline this process for you, so you can find high-quality rated vendors to do work at/near your unit.
  • Looking to launch in August.
  • More communication and training will be rolling out this summer.
  • In the past, we’ve worked with one dealership to order vehicles.
  • Zach is trying to look at purchasing directly from manufacturers to find savings.
  • We’d like to pause purchases/leases for a month or two until we work through this.
  • Goal is to get you the same quality of vehicle, but find you savings.
  • Reach out to Zach or Donna with any questions.
Element – Vehicle Maintenance
  • Element is our new vehicle maintenance partner.
  • Have piloted in Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.
  • In NC, we will transition from Network, and roll vehicle maintenance and fuel cards to Element.
  • Look for more Communications coming from Zach/Donna

Hilltop Comprehensive Substance Use Program – Pam Stalls

Current Hilltop Locations that offer SAIOP & Medicated Assisted Treatment and Therapy (MATT):
  • Alamance - Burlington
  • Bladen - Bladenboro
  • Carteret - Morehead City
  • Columbus - Whiteville
  • Halifax - Roanoke Rapids
  • New Hanover - Wilmington
  • Robeson - Lumberton
Hilltop Updates
  • Pam is focused on Substance Use business development.
  • A team throughout RHA has been working to roll out our Hilltop Comprehensive Substance Use Program over the past year.
  • We’ve been adding Medicated Assisted Treatment and Therapy (MATT) to some of our BH sites. Want to identify/brand this program.
  • Some programs are ‘stand-alone’ site specifically branded as Hilltop. Existing units have ‘embedded’ Hilltop programs.
  • We’ll continue to bring Hilltop to both new locations and to serve in existing RHA offices as an ‘embedded’ program.
  • Stay Tuned!
Upcoming Hilltop Expansion 
  • Have been approved to add Hilltop program to our High Point office
  • Working to add to New Bern
  • Recently awarded RFP for Surrey County SU services
  • Tennessee: Growing our services in Tennessee. Pam working with Bobby in Knoxville on licensure and introductions to MCOs regarding SU and MATT needs in Tennessee

Marketing Updates - Bob Turner

End of Year Marketing Requests
  • If you need to spend Marketing dollars before the fiscal year ends, please reach out to by Friday, June 21.
  • This will ensure the invoice for your order can be generated and sent to you for submission in time to spend your current fiscal year funds.

Tips on Requesting Marketing Materials

Cost Center
  • Please specify which cost center the order needs to be charged to. This helps speed the AP process for you.

Numbers to Order
  • Please know how many brochures, giveaways, etc that you need. 
  • If your order is based on maximum budget rather that number of items, please share this info.
  • This helps marketing to quickly generate a quote for you.

Updates to Your Collateral
  • If you need to order a print item, Marketing will send you a copy of your current collateral on file and ask if you have any updates.
  • Once we get your update, we’ll update your item and send back to you for final approval before submitting your order to be printed.

  • Please understand it can take 2-4 weeks from final order to delivery, depending on what you order.

Medicaid Transformation Communications
  • We have developed a web page for persons-supported to help people understand what they need to do.

Website Stats –

Jan 1 – May 31 YOY Comparison:
  • Users up 19% (to 54,737)
  • Pageviews up 26% (to 191,087)
  • May YOY Page views increase from 30,320 (May 2018) to 43,615 (May 2019)
Ongoing Marketing Focus
  • Working to expand web pages for each RHA unit. First focus is on BH, but also working with IDD.