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June 2018 RHA Organizational Update


  • New CPR/First Aid Policy - Effective July 1, 2018
  • Housing & Asset Management Update
  • Reminder on Records Retention
  • Group Purchasing Update for Behavioral Health
  • Unit Help Preparing for Workday Financials
  • Workday Performance Reviews Due June 24th & Help With Error
  • Our Workday Learning (STARS replacement) Team NEEDS YOUR HELP!

New CPR/First Aid Policy - Effective July 1, 2018

Read the full update to RHA's CPR & First policy and training procedures

  • The Change in RHA CPR and First Aid
  • New Training Overview
  • Important Dates


  • Contact Alena Smith or Robin Correll

Housing & Asset Management Update

Visit the new Housing & Assets webpage for full information.

  • Who To Contact for Housing & Asset Management Items? 
  • Updated Capital Expense Form 
  • Threshold for Bidding Process has Increased 
  • Leased Property Rental Check List

Reminder on Records Retention

  • Medical Records/Other – 7 year limit.  Can get rid of it, no need to pay for storage, Iron Mountain etc.
  • If Records in Storage Older than 2011.  Get rid of old records, use boxes/space that is paid for instead of adding new documents for more $.
  • Please make sure we are discarding old documents professional by a reputable company i.e. Iron Mountain, Shred Ahead, Shred-It, or another company that will come on site and dispose of our documents.
  • What do we keep? Keep current business documents/agreements (even if older than 7 years.  Documents on ‘auto-renew’ terms.
  • Please wait for additional guidance from Danny Fulmer for Pediatric records.
  • A formal memo will be sent out from Chief Compliance Officer Danny Fulmer as a follow up to this call.
  • Have Questions? – Contact Danny Fulmer


Group Purchasing Update for Behavioral Health

  • Behavioral Health has recently reviewed their purchasing activity, and is now consolidating the ordering of supplies for BH Operations state-wide.
  • Brandon Golder and Tina Harkey have led these efforts.
  • BH is choosing to use GOS – (Greenville Office Solutions)
  • Contact Mya Van Buskirk at for more information and how to get logins set up for your units.

Visit the Preferred Vendors webpage on MyRHA, which will be continuously updated over time.

Unit Help Preparing for Workday Financials

HR Partners:  Audits & Ensuring Process Completion


  • Effective 7/1, RHA will be assigning all employees to a new organization to prepare for the Financial Roll Out
  • This will create a watershed event and all events will require an effective date of 7/1 or later after this change
  • Units Need to understand this change, and prepare accordingly.

What Units Need To Do (with deadlines)

#1 - Data Audit and Cleanup by June 27th

  • HR Partners need to review the following information ASAP
  • Initiate and complete any changes BEFORE June 27th.
  • Audit Scenarios for HR Partners to Review
    • Employee and Position Data
    • Employee Assigned to the Correct Position
    • Employee Assigned to the Correct Job Profile
    • Employee Assigned to the Correct Time Type
    • Employee Assigned Accurate Scheduled Weekly Hours
    • Employee's Scheduled Weekly Hours and Time Type Alligned
    • Employee's Compensation Accurate
    • Employee's Allowances Accurate
    • Employee Assigned to Correct Cost Center
    • Employee Assigned to Correct Location
  • Reports to Run to assist Units
    • Employee Detail Report
    • Time Type and Scheduled Weekly Hour Audit (RHA)
    • Compensation Spreadsheet
    • Business Process Transactions of Type Awaiting Action
      • Run for Termination, Change Job, Change Organization Assignments for Worker, Propose Compensation Change.
      • Look for actions that should have been completed and follow up.
      • If an old BP, please follow-up.
      • If there’s a ‘pending action’ for a Termination, it’s probably an Exit Interview the former employee didn’t complete.  YOU CAN IGNORE THIS.

#2 - Ensure all outstanding Workday Business Processes are SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED by June 30, 2018

  • All employee and position changes must be fully complete before June 30.  (i.e. change initiated and FULLY APPROVED through the Business Process).
  • Examples of changes include:
    • Job Change-Transfer, Promotion, Data Changes, and position changed
    • Terminations
    • Change Organization Assignments
  • If you don’t think a process can be completed (i.e. all approvals at your unit) by June 30th, then please wait to initiate a change until after July 1st.


Workday Performance Reviews

More information and training is available on the Workday for Managers webpage.

Manager Reviews Completed by June 24th

  • All Managers must complete the ‘Assess Potential’ and ‘Manager Evaluation’ for each direct report by 11:59pm on Sunday, June 24th.
  • All employee ‘Self-Reviews’ were forwarded to the Manager on Monday, June 11th.

Manager Review Error in Workday

We are aware of an issue of getting error messages on performance reviews indicating that ratings or comments have not been completed when they have.  This is related to the mass advancing of incomplete self-reviews.

If you are receiving this error:

  • Check ratings and comments are made on all competencies and goals
  • If still receiving the error, please hold the review in your inbox
  • Performance Reviews will be mass advanced to the Manager’s Manager approval on 6/25
  • Due to this issue, the Manager review deadline of 6/24 will not be extended

Direct Support Reviews for Newly Hired Employees

  • We are also aware that managers of Direct Support are receiving reviews for newly hired Direct Support.
  • We are working on a fix for this.
  • In the meantime, please use this as an opportunity to review expectations with the employee.
  • You can write minimal comments without completing any ratings, then forward to employee for signature.

Our Workday Learning (STARS replacement) Team NEEDS YOUR HELP!

  • We need unit leadership to designate a person at your unit to collect key instructor/3rd party training location info, and enter into our Instructor spreadsheet.
  • Deadline to complete this information has been extended to EOB Friday, July, 6th, so units can focus on the HR Audit mentioned above.

Unit leadership can reference the email sent on June 6th, 2018.

What information needs to be added to this spreadsheet?

  1. Who are your instructors, and what do they teach?
    1. Under each course (top row), please add the instructor(s) that teach each course.
    2. There are over 500 active courses at RHA.
    3. You only need to identify trainers that work out of your unit (trainer is in your Supervisory Org chart in Workday).
    4. Please type in the instructor’s name, as it appears in Workday.
  2. Mailing Address of any 3rd Party Training Location you COMMONLY use
    1. If you commonly use a non-RHA physical location to train (i.e. the local library, Goodwill, etc.), please give the name and full address.
    2. This is needed so you at a local level can set up classes for registration/assignment.
    3. Without the physical address, staff may not know where the class is.