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July 2018 RHA Organizational Update

FYI, August’s Org Update call has been moved to August 22nd from 4-4:30 Eastern. The Outlook update has been updated.

July's Updates
  • Remainder of the Performance Review Process 
  • Contingent Workers in Workday 
  • New Hire – Employee Health Update 
  • Remembering the Network Vehicle Maintenance Program

Remainder of the Performance Review Process
By Jeremy Duffer

We want to ensure every employee has a completed performance review.  This is important for many reasons:

  • It’s important to give our staff open and honest feedback
  • It’s an opportunity for you to better understand what your employee needs from you.
  • Performance review information is used to inform pay increases (when budgets allow), promotions, and more.

The finalization of the 2018 Performance Cycle won’t happen until late August, so please use this time to ensure reviews are completed in-person, and in the system.

Potential Challenges

  • May reviews are stuck in the ‘Manager’s-manager’ step.  If you have this step in your Workday Inbox, please complete.  FYI, if a review is incomplete, you can ‘send back’ the review to the previous person.
  • We are aware of an issue with new Direct Support reviews not going to the manager.  The team is working on a resolution.  In the meantime, please continue to work with your new hire face-to-face.
  • If you are experiencing an issue, please contact


Contingent Workers in Workday
By Jeremy Duffer

The Workday Contingent Worker - Info For Business Offices page has been updated to include information on:

  • The Workday Contingent Workers training webinar & PowerPoint from the 7/17/18 training
  • Workers that should be entered into Workday as a contingent worker
  • Contingent Worker sub-types
  • Suppliers in Workday
  • Submit New/Updated Contracts to Accounts Payable
  • Paying Contingent Workers via Workday
  • Submitting
  • What is a Contingent Worker?
  • Recruiting and Onboarding a Contingent Worker in Workday

Remember, there is a Workday for Contingent (Contract) Workers‎ page, which is a useful resource and training tool for your ongoing contingent workers

If you are experiencing an issue, please contact

Welcome New HR Business Partner, Lauren Stickels
By Jeremy Duffer

The HR Department is pleased to welcome Lauren Stickels to RHA and  as the HR Business Partner for Western North Carolina.

Lauren joins the HR Team with ample HR experience from two local startups and is a certified HR Professional. At French Broad Chocolates she was responsible for establishing the HR Department and all related policy and procedures.

Her previous positions have given her experience implementing and supporting HR Systems, Talent Management and Talent Development processes, and compliance and management of employment law and regulations

We are looking forward to the contribution that Lauren will make to RHA during this exciting time of growth and modernization.  Please join me in welcoming Lauren to the RHA Team. 

You are all HR's  customers and we are here to support you as you provide services or manage the providing of services.  Our role in HR is to support the organization whether it's at the corporate level, HR Business Partner level,  the Local HR Coordinator Level, or the employee level.  The HR Business Partner’s role serves as the connection and bridge between those providing services at the local level and those designing and implementing strategies and initiatives at the organization level. 

Unit Coverage 

  • Lauren will be the HR Business Partner for the Western North Carolina region including all operations under the leadership of Cindy Myers and Sandy Feutz.
  • Visit the Contact HR - HR Business Partners to better understand Corporate and Unit roles around HR, and see which HR Business Partners cover your unit.

Please start contacting Lauren (and Jeremy on emails for the first few months) with issues, challenges, or questions you need assistance with. 


New Hire – Employee Health Update
By Robin Correll

  • On Monday, we had a call with all of the nurses and administrators for locations who conduct new hire physicals.
  • During the call, we announce the decision that new hire physicals are no longer a requirement.
  • Since the call, we have had several questions regarding tb skin tests.
  • There are no other changes in the new hire process.
  • Nurses will continue to do the drug tests and tb skin tests prior to the person starting.
  • We must still have a negative tb skin test prior to the employee starting training.
  • The change in policy should not have any effect on onboarding employees in Workday or with HireRight.


Utilizing the Network Vehicle Maintenance Program
By Zach Short 

Network is s RHA’s vehicle maintenance provider.

As of mid-July, less than 50% of our 400 + vehicles are using “Network” approved vendors on a regular basis.

In order to get the most out of this program we have to use it!

Call Network 1-800-323-5916.

Find a Network shop by zip code

Visit the Network Vehicle Maintenance page under the Housing & Asset page on MyRHA.