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Job Description Updates

July 8, 2015

RHA Human Resources is in the process of updating our job descriptions.  These updates will happen in two phases.

Phase 1 - Summer 2015
HR is updating the format of the job descriptions to reflect our Elevate Performance & Goals initiative.

Phase 1 has been completed for Health Services and Management Services.  Howell and Behavioral Health job descriptions will complete Phase 1 later this summer.

What’s changing in Phase 1?
  • Core Competencies are listed on Job Descriptions
  • Performance Review elements have been removed, because our reviews will either be in the Elevate software or paper Elevate Review form (see sample)
  • Job tasks are now organized into job-related responsibilities 
  • Simplified sections and descriptions for Education, Experience, Required Working Conditions, Essential Qualifications, and Essential Physical Requirements
  • Most job descriptions are now only 3-4 pages.
  • All active job descriptions can be found on the Forms Drive under 3000 – Human Resources/Employment.
  • Please use these job descriptions for all new hires
  • Current employees do not need to sign a new job description until after Phase 2.
Phase 2 - Later in 2015

Phase 2 of our job description updates will involve subject-matter experts in our units reviewing the job-related responsibilities for each job description, and make recommended changes if necessary.

Current Employees do not need to sign a new job description until Phase 2 is complete.