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January 2019 Organizational Update

At RHA, we're about PACE - Passion, Accountability, Communication & Ethics.

We want to communicate with our staff and local leaders to keep you in the loop of what's going on at RHA.

That's why we've re-imagined our monthly organizational updates to include updates from leadership of each functional area of the company.

Read The Following Updates From:
  • RHA President, Nick Sulaiman
  • Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Operations
  • Behavioral Health Operations
  • Financial Services
  • Compliance/Quality Assurance
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Community Relations

Executive Update
Nick Sulaiman, RHA President
By Nick Sulaiman, President
  • Our executive team is working hard to keep you updated and be transparent, as well as speaking to our challenges and opprtunities. 
  • If you have questions that you would like to have addressed, please contact Bob Turner, and he’ll work to have a member of our management team address on a future call. 
Company Health 
  • We’re in a good place so far this fiscal year.
  • Challenges include hurricane, weather, new systems.
  • Opportunities include business expansion, opening opportunities to staff, etc. 
Workday Transition
  • The overall Workday initiative was pretty aggressive and ambitious. We needed it to be to get the benefits of this system. 
  • Many organizations take up to 3 years to deploy.  We did it in less than 1.5 years 
  • We’re in the stage of fine-tuning Workday to work better for you. 
  • The last piece of Workday we’re rolling out is Learning, which will replace STARS. 
  • Besides PACEnet, we don’t see any large IT projects coming the rest of this fiscal year.
  • If you need additional training, please reach out to Bob Turner, and he’ll work to connect you with the proper subject-matter expert & resource. 
  • Any other issues, please share. Your input allows us to fine-tune and meet training needs. 
High-level RHA Preparation for NC Medicaid Transformation
  • You have probably heard about Medicaid Transformation in NC 
  • Our CEO Jeanne Duncan is working hard behind the scenes to prepare RHA for this transformation. 
  • More information will be shared with you and impacted programs in the coming months. 
  • Click here to visit the NC Medicaid Transformation website
  • On top of Workday, the other major system we’re working on is PACEnet, our practice management system. 
  • We looked at the market, and decided that building our own system is the best way to meet our business needs. 
  • Our end-in-mind is to sunset Eclipse, and move everything to PACEnet. 
  • Next is rolling out PACEnet for IDD. One of the reasons we wired our group homes with internet is to ensure all locations can connect to this future system. 
  • We’re always looking to slowly roll out systems to ensure all goes smooth. 
  • We’re taken a lot of steps to ensure this system is user-friendly. 
Exploring A Comprehensive Training Program
  • We’ve spent a lot of time to look at our RHA-wide training program. 
  • First step is the right system (Workday Learning). 
  • A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to ensure our training content is updated.
  • We want to take a holistic approach to training beyond our important Compliance & QA training. PACEnet, Workday, Financial Training are other areas RHA wants to expand our training for the field. 
  • We’re looking to marry Workday and PACEnet to ensure staff are getting the training they need, and keep us in training compliance for any services we’re offering. 

IDD Operations

IDD Training Update
By Robin Correll, VP Nursing 
  • A team has spent a lot of time and resources to identify what our IDD curriculum is and needs to be to have a more robust training program. 
  • Looking at training in NC, FL, GA and TN.
  • A big goal is around standardization, while also meeting the unique requirements of each state. I.e. Relias training in TN 
  • You will see a significant change for NC, FL and GA 
  • We flipped our model of thinking to build on the theories of adult learning concepts. Explain the ‘why’. 
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) alone won’t do it. 
  • We’re looking at introducing concepts via CBT, then build in the classroom with skills checks and ongoing mentoring.
  • The training model is person-centered, following characters with specific issues & challenges. The learning then follows their story. For example, what does it look like if a person with diabetes has low blood sugar, and what a staff member should do? 
  • We will be holding some train-the-trainer sessions with Training coordinators on how to conduct this training. 
  • Healthy Eating Overview CBT - Please make sure staff are updated on our healthy eating policies and procedures. If the IDD training content team has reached out to you, and you need help, please reach out to Robin and Krissy. 
  • Another training is a Personal Outcomes Interviews training CBT. 
  • More information coming! 
Schedules in Workday 
By Jennifer Lineberger, Chief Operating Officer of IDD Services 
  • We’re noticing that there’s a variance with schedules. Many staff are assigned the ‘standard’ M-F 9-5 schedule. Jennifer is sending a list to all the Administrators. Please correct the employee’s schedule. 
  • Schedule Assigned (RHA) is the report you can run in Workday to see employees assigned to a schedule. 
  • Remember, and End Date is not required. Only use if you’re transitioning from one schedule to another. If someone has a regular schedule, DO NOT PUT AN END DATE to the schedule. 
  • If schedule isn’t accurate, there are issues with the variance report, and can impact PTO
Florida & Tennessee Anniversary
By Jennifer Lineberger, Chief Operating Officer of IDD Services   
  • We wanted to recognize that it's been a year since our Florida and Springfield, TN operations joined RHA.
  • Thanks to everyone that helped in the past year bring them into our company!

Behavioral Health Operations
By Brandon Golder, Executive VP Behavioral Health Operations

Update on Behavioral Health in Tennessee
  • We received our Outpatient Mental Health license for Tennessee, so we’re licensed to provide some services in that state. 
  • TN approached us to provide services in TN. It seems like a long-term play for us to grow there through acquisitions and organic growth. 
  • We’ve been pulling some leadership and staff under the VAYA catchment area in western NC. 
  • More to come! 
Brief Overview of 2nd Half Fiscal Year Focus
  • We’ve had a pretty good year so far this fiscal year (July 2018 - present), especially considering the hurricane impact, flooding and snow. 
  • Our focus is to keep doing great services. 
  • We’ve worked to centralize some administrative functions to be prepared for some changes in the external environment (NC Medicaid Transformation). By focusing on things we can influence, we’ll be better prepared. 
  • We are exploring better sharing Dr. time 
  • Also exploring RHA Call Center to better serve our consumers and track these contacts. Pulling this off local units can help you better focus serving your clients. 
  • Working on a Pilot program in the Trillium catchment area. 
  • Looking at opportunities to have RHA Behavioral Health serve the behavior needs of our IDD units.

Financial Services
By David Hecht, Sr. Vice President of Finance 

  • Biggest change is our transition to Workday Financials 
  • Changes include layout, reporting. 
  • We’ve come a long way in 5 months, and have more work to do. 

Recasting Fiscal Year 2018/19 Budgets
  • During this transition to Workday Financials, we got away from a regular cadence of financial reviews. We held for some units, but haven’t scheduled for all.
  • Want to keep the lines of communications open between Finance, Operations and HR.
  • We are also focusing on reporting and metrics to keep an eye on our business. 
  • We’ll test our January schedule/cadence, and will solidify

Compliance/Quality Assurance

CARF Accreditation Update
By Carmela Phillips, Executive Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance
  • In early 2018, we made the decision to seek CARF certification for 5 specific services 
  • Other BH services will keep CQL certification. 
  • Why? CARF is recognized by 3rd party private payers, which will allow us to expand our services to individuals with commercial insurance. Most importantly, CARF follows best practice. 
  • Our CARF survey dates will be January 27-30th. 
  • Carmela personally thanked all the BH leaders and staff that worked hard on this process. 
  • Please visit the CARF pages on for more information. 

CQL Update
By Krissy Wood, Director, IDD Quality Assurance
  • We’ve been Council of Quality Leadership (CQL) since 2001. 
  • We will have our next accreditation in 2020, 1 year from now. 
  • A lot of great work coming to refine our work-plan. 
  • We want to keep your focus to ensure the people we support have a Meaningful Day. 
  • The CQL Personal Outcomes tool is an important tool for us to use.
  • There has been a small redesign to improve the tool, including a Community Life training to help our staff identify how the people we support can be more involved in their community. So far, our focus has been on NC, will expand to TN, GA and FL. 
  • Please verify you are entering this information into EPS. We’ll be doing an audit soon.

HIPAA Incidents 
By Danny Fulmer, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Definition of a HIPAA Incident - Any incident where HIPAA protected information may have been mis-used or inadvertently sent to the wrong person or not encrypted. Another example is a lost laptop.
  • Remember, we always wanted to report an incident to the Chief Compliance Officer.
  • Please double your efforts to report a HIPAA incident. 
  • Questions? Please contact Danny Fulmer, Carmela Phillips or Krissy Wood.

Job Descriptions
By Danny Fulmer, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
  • We want to make sure that our employee's job description matches the work that they are doing.
  • EVERY little item doesn’t need to be listed. 
  • But key, material things do need to be represented in their job description. 
  • Example of a change is someone WAS a manager, but isn’t anymore. 
  • Impact can involve Workers Comp, legal, etc.
  • We always want to get this right.
  • Reach out to your HR Partner for help

Information Technology

By Denise Redfearn, Chief Information Officer 
  • This requirement is part of NC Medicaid Transformation
  • RHA has been a key contributor on the State committee in developing NC HIE
  • We’ll send our data to the HIE, and will get data back (i.e. if a person supported goes to the ED, we’ll get some of that data back and will be able to log into the state provider portal to see Labs, etc.)
  • We are ready to kick off this program when our testing is complete. If our leadership has additional staff to be involved, please contact Denise Redfearn.
Contract Management
  • RHA is exploring a contract management system, which includes a multi-disciplinary group to demo different products to meet our needs. 
  • We need one good place to store, maintain and track all RHA contracts. Helps with renewals, tracking, audits, etc.
  • We'll also be sending out guidance on who-can-sign-which contracts.  

Human Resources
By Denise Turner, Vice President of Human Resources

Employee Engagement Survey
  • Survey conducted last Fall and reviewed during recent Executive Meeting. Survey provides valuable employee feedback to the organization. 
  • We are prioritizing the feedback in 3 areas: promotion of culture, recruiting and retention and compensation 
Total Rewards Committee & Council
  • Total Rewards include what employees value from employment such as: Compensation, Benefits, Total Wellbeing, Reward/Recognition, and Learning and Career Opportunities 
  • Established Total Rewards Executive Committee and Employee Council that will provide feedback on programs/initiatives. 
Wellbeing Spotlight
  • Discontinuing sending the monthly Wellbeing packets with calendars and flyers 
  • Replacing with Quarterly Wellbeing Spotlight focusing on 3 areas of Wellbeing: Physical, Emotional and Financial Wellbeing

Health Advocate Gateway
By Jackie Smith
  • This 2019 Plan year RHA is partnering with Health Care Advocate Gateway to help support employees and their families with complex medical questions and help them navigate the healthcare and Insurance system. We all know this can be a very complicated task and a lot of RED TAPE 
  • HealthCare Advocate Gateway is available 24 hours 7 days a weeks. This is a confidential service to assist employees with their benefit question regarding plan details, they can help locate in network providers , locate centers of excellence if having surgery , can help employees and immediate family members with locating a primary care physician, assist with filing medical and pharmacy claims, filing disability claims. Health Care Advocate can reach out to the Gateway services if they need assistance reviewing their bills and even getting a bill corrected. 
  • HealthCare Advocate is able to answer questions on medical diagnosis, talk with employee about chronic disease. So Health Advocate Gateway is really able to assist with complex medical issues , questions and help support members. 
  • As everyone is aware RHA strives to give employees the tools they need to manage chronic conditions. This plan year we added the Livongo Hypertension program for advance blood pressure monitoring and personalized coaching for Anthem members. HealthCare Advocate Gateway is a single point of contact if employees have questions about this new program and other chronic disease programs and much more. Phone number is (866) 799-2731 
Financial Well-being Presentations Coming To You
  • Directors/Administrators at each location will be contacted by a Wells Fargo at Work Rep regarding On-site Financial Education 
  • January – March focus will be Budgeting & Saving – Learn how to effectively manage your money to reach your financial goals. Participants will learn how to create a spending plan, get tools and tips for money management, set financial goals and implement a spending plan. 

Marketing & Community Relations
By Bob Turner, Director, Marketing & Community Relations

Seeking To Understand
  • Bob started leading RHA’s Marketing and Community Relations function in July 2018.
  • Spent October – December meeting with over 70 Executives, Administrators, Directors and others to better understand current activities, and how our Marketing & Community Relations function can better support RHA’s strategy and units.
  • This information will help guide future efforts and initiatives.
Welcome Tyler Donaldson
  • Expect an official announcement welcoming Tyler Donaldson as our new Marketing & Communications Manager
Need Marketing & Communications Help?