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Welcome David Hecht and Brandon Golder to RHA

As RHA continues to set the foundation for our future success, we’ve brought in some new leaders to help us on our journey…

Introducing David Hecht – Senior Vice President of Finance
By Nick Sulaiman, President & Chief Financial Officer

David Hecht - Senior Vice President of Finance

David joined RHA in October 10th.  He will be in charge of matters related to finance (billing, collections, AP, payroll), accounting, and financial planning & analysis. He is working out of our Atlanta office.  David’s biggest contribution will be to help us build business intelligence at RHA to help you manage our business better.

Before joining RHA, David worked for Formation Capital.  He was one of the principals that executed (and advocated for) RHA’s acquisition by Formation Capital.  RHA leadership has worked with David for almost three years and is happy to share that his approach and attitude towards client care and staff is in-line with RHA’s culture.  From his previous role with Formation Capital, he has gained a sizable appreciation for the challenges and opportunities we all face every day. We are very excited about David’s willingness to join RHA, as he brings a skillset that we could greatly benefit from.

In David’s Own Words…

  • I’m originally from Virginia but have lived in Atlanta for over 4 years.  I love it here.
  • My wife, Marisa, and I recently welcomed our first child, Mackayla.  We think she’s great, and even though she’s only eight weeks old, she reads at a five week old level.  If you see me looking tired or have spit-up on my shirt, now you’ll know why…
  • I’m a recovering Redskins fan who is aggressively jumping on the Falcons and Dawgs bandwagon
  • I have an autistic brother who resides in a waiver home in Virginia, so I know first-hand how important the services are that companies like RHA deliver
  • I am terrible at golf, but I like to play.


Introducing Brandon Golder – Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health
By Kathy Smith, Chief Operating Officer – Behavioral Health

Brandon Golder - Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health
We are extremely excited to have Brandon join our Behavioral Health team.  Brandon joined RHA October 30th.  Brandon brings an extensive background in public and private sector behavioral health management and operations to our existing business.  Coming to us most recently from Colorado, he and his family will be living in Mebane as they settle into North Carolina. Brandon will be working out of the High Point area, but like many of us, will be working throughout the state.

Over the next several weeks, Brandon will be making the RHA Tour and is excited to meet everyone.  Once he acclimates to RHA and NC, he will be focusing on our day to day business and supporting the VPs and team as we continue to make a difference in the lives and communities that RHA Behavioral Health serves.

Brandon brings extensive education and experience to RHA.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga before earning two Master’s degrees in Mental Health Services and Business Administration.  Brandon began his work in our field serving as a Youth Counselor, Family Consultant, Case Manager and Family Consultant before moving into leadership positions.  These positions include serving as an Adjunct Professor, as well as Executive Director and Regional Director for BH treatment centers.

In Brandon’s Own Words…

  • I’m very excited to be here.
  • As I’ve toured RHA, I’ve been impressed so far.
  • I’m looking forward to learning more about RHA.