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Important Prescription Drug Plan Reminder for 2019

Avoid Paying FULL COST For Your Monthly Maintenance Medications

Switch to Mail Order Prescriptions Today!

Understand The New Optum Mail Service Saver Plus Program

Bronze & Silver plan members will need to switch your maintenance medications to the
Mail Service Saver Plus Program (i.e. you get regular monthly refills) to this program in early 2019.

  1. Silver/Bronze plan members will get two grace refills at the copay price, before paying full price.
  2. After that, if you attempt to refill a maintenance medication at a retail pharmacy, Optum will reject the claim.
  3. Optum has sent information to current plan members letting you know about this change.


  • Your maintenance medication normally has a $40 copay.
  • The list price of the medication is $300.
  • If you don’t switch to the Optum Mail Service Saver Plus Program, you will pay the full $300 for your medication

Avoid paying full price for your maintenance medications by signing up for the OptumRx Mail Service Saver Program

Read more below about this program, and how to sign up for OptumRx Mail Service Saver Plus.

How Health Plan Premiums Stayed Flat for 2019

The cost of RHA's health plan continues to rise.  RHA Leadership and Benefits team worked hard to keep monthly premiums flat.

Keeping Premiums Flat Was Made Possible By:

  • RHA absorbing most of the increases, to lessen impacts on employees
  • Some changes were made to the benefits plan, including the switch to mail order for maintenance medications.

Discover the convenience of OptumRx Mail Service Saver Plus

Mail Service Saver Plus is a program that helps you better manage the medication you take on an ongoing basis. You can save both time and money by filling your prescriptions for maintenance medication through OptumRx® home delivery.

Not only is home delivery safe and reliable, it also offers the following advantages:

Cost savings

You may pay less for your medication with a three-month supply through OptumRx.


Get free standard shipping on medications delivered to your mailbox.

24/7 access and reminders

Speak to a licensed pharmacist who can answer your questions any time, any day. You can even

set up text reminders to help you remember to take or refill your medications.*

How Mail Service Saver Plus works

If you currently take maintenance medication on a regular basis, your pharmacy benefit plan requires you to use home delivery.

Your plan only covers a limited number of maintenance medication refills from a retail pharmacy. After the allowed fills, you must move to home delivery through OptumRx, or you will pay the entire cost for your medication at your retail pharmacy.

Whether you have a new prescription or need to transfer an existing prescription, it’s easy to get started with OptumRx home delivery.

Here’s how:


Your doctor can send an electronic prescription to OptumRx.


Register at


Just call the member phone number on your plan ID card to talk with a customer service representative right now. It’s helpful to have your plan ID card and medication bottle available. The representative can also contact your doctor directly if you need a new prescription.