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Hurricane Preparation & Recovery

Being proactive is important to both prepare for and recover from a hurricane.

Below is more information for RHA leadership and employees regarding Hurricane Preparation and Recovery.

Hurricane Preparation

RHA-Specific Information

At RHA, we have emergency plans in place at each unit to help guide us through managing any emergencies that may arise.

For RHA Operations & Staff

For People RHA Serve & General Public
RHA Disaster Preparedness website - Targeted to general public but relevant for RHA employees.

Receive Alerts!
NC Dept of Public Safety website - NC Emergency Management website. Get the APP!

Unit 'To-Do's Before A Disaster Strikes
  • Please refer to your Emergency Operations plan.  Appendix B will have the key information you need.
  • Identify your incident commander.
  • Ensure your staff are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Be ready to institute your emergency evacuation plan, if needed.
  • Reach out to your MCO's, Regional Coalitions, etc.  They will be able to connect you to resources.
  • Start reaching out to family members of the people we serve and support.

Healthcare Preparedness Coalitions

NC Healthcare Preparedness Coalition
Unit leaders should work with the coalition nearest them you to find the local debriefing in your area.

Online Preparedness Resources

FIMAN - Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network
See current river levels and river crest information

Includes information on current and expected flooding.

NC Department of Transportation Map
Current travel information, open/closed roads

NC Dept of Public Safety website
NC Emergency Management website. Get the APP

NC Dept of Public Safety website - NC Emergency Management website. Get the APP!
Hurricane Recovery

Can RHA Units Organize To Help With Hurricane Relief?

Many have asked if RHA staff can band together to help those impacted by hurricanes.

First, understand that RHA isn’t set up to be a disaster relief organization.  We encourage those wanting to help others to donate money and supplies to the American Red Cross and other such organizations.

That said, units CAN work to help staff impacted by the hurricane.  But there are guidelines to ensure we stay ethical and adhere to relevant laws and RHA policy.  According to RHA' Solicitation Policy, units can gather donations of money and supplies.

Key Solicitation Policy Areas To Follow:

  • Your unit's Administrator or Director must approve these efforts
  • Any communications (emails, flyers, etc.) must state “Approved by RHA Administrator or Director”
  • Personal information about those being helped (health, financial, personal, address, etc.) will be kept confidential.
Can staff donate PTO time to another employee?
Unfortunately, staff can not donate PTO time.  Our policy and systems simply do not support this.

Hurricane Resources
Collected from RHA Staff and from NC Center for Nonprofits

NC Disaster Distress Hotline

Workers who are or may become unemployed due to a hurricane may be eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA). To start the process, the easiest and most efficient way to file is online.

NC 2-1-1    Real-time health and human services resources and support

Other Resources

A Just Florence Recovery - Resources and support for front-line-to-front-line relief and mobilization

NC Department of Health & Human Services    Health and human services resources

NC Network of Grantmakers    Information and resources related to the philanthropic response

NC Small Business and Technology Development Center    Recovery assistance for NC businesses

North Carolina Community Foundation    Covers many rural parts of eastern North Carolina

ReadyNC - Recovery and rebuilding resources and assistance for individuals and communities

RHA Health Advocate
866.695.8622 - Help with finding in-network providers, find facilities, prescription help, etc.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina    Additional links to get food and pet food assistance in your area

SPCA and local Humane Societies    For displaced animals

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