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Hurricane Heroes - Recognizing Employees During Hurricane Matthew 2016

Hurricane Mathew Has Hit North Carolina Hard!

Many employees have been personally impacted by Hurricane Mathew.  So many of you have worked days-on-end to ensure the people we serve and support are safe and well taken care of.  Below are specific examples of your coworkers going above and beyond!

If you want to recognize another employee, please email Bob Turner with the person's name, job, unit, and a brief but detailed description of how they went above and beyond.
RHA's Hurricane Heroes
Below are submissions by leaders and employees in the field

Here are a few I would like to recognize. You can see we have some true HURRICANE HEROES!!!

Ivan Pride-Program Manager-Eastpointe-Even with two trees down on his home in Fayetteville and no power, assisted in getting time sheets approved so staff could be paid! He has also personally called many clients to check on them and ensure they are safe.

Lisa Maynor-Business Manager-Eastpointe-Weathered the storm to check on the Lumberton office and ensure all was safe. Continued communication with key staff to ensure communication was effective.

Ashley Chauncey-Eastpointe (PSR Manager Whiteville) , Paul Todd (IIH QP) and Lydia Reynolds (OPT in Whiteville) have both made numerous trips to the BH office to ensure it was ok and not flooded as well as emptied refrigerators out with food items that did not make it due to power loss (still doesn’t have power).

Susan Inman-Eastpointe-Admin Coordinator-Whiteville BH office pre-planned and reached out to consumers on Sunday to inform them of office not opening and cancelled Dr. appts. Made sure no one was out of medications and was safe.

Shanolyn Locklear-Eastpointe-Admin Coordinator in the Laurinburg BH office left her home Sunday and Monday to check on the office, mopped up flooding in the building to ensure no further damage and called consumers to ensure they were safe and update office schedule.

Tonya Fleming, Latonya Covington and Veronica Pressley-Eastpointe- IIH Team-Laurinburg-put together care packages to take to consumers, made calls and visits to families. Coordinate with local shelters and churches to arrange to get items to those in need. Arranged a drop off point at RHA to bring items needed and will transport them to the local shelters.

Clyde Locklear-Eastpointe-OPT in Laurinburg BH-With three feet of water in his basement, came in on his day off to see individuals who had to be rescheduled. Assisted seeing other consumers of OPT staff not able to make it into work.

Deb Vuocolo, VP of East BH and Kathy Smith. COO-these ladies rock! They personally called me each day to check on me and our staff. Main focus was to ensure that staff and clients were safe. Listening ear to allow me a time to debrief in order for me to provide solid leadership to my team!!

Martha Locklear, Director, BH Eastpointe Region

All the staff in the east have been amazing, I have experienced amazing acts of a giving hearts, timeless energy, and commitment. In my eyes each a hero. Everyone came together, business managers preparing their offices, along with Dave Raber, Antonio Roper, Carmela Phillips, Martha Locklear, Ivan Pride, Heather Strickland, Althea Elliot, Teoletta West, Priscla Hilligus, and Steve Tuzo, making themselves always available to discuss daily plans for safety of staff and individuals served.

Team leaders worked very hard each day to not only to communicate and support their team but to offer support to each other and the individuals they serve. The staff that continued to serve individuals at the Harbor, on MCM, and the NC Start resource center only admitting when safe. All of RHA leadership and employees reaching out daily, offering help and support…yes in my eyes many RHA heroes!! I also want to extend a special award for Kathy Smith, who provided care and leadership to each of us daily.

Deb Vuocolo, Vice President, Behavioral Health

Goldsboro, NC
We really have some dedicated staff. During he hurricane I am hearing of administrators who have worked around the clock making sure that locations are staffed, Tonya Lyons has pretty much worked the entire time and has given many baths. We have staff that have worked multiple shifts.
We have staff that have families but because they really care about the people we support they are hanging in ! The river is rising at the Neuse and more flooding is anticipated and more roads expected to close. We experienced record rains across Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Lumberton. This hurricane is described as being worse than Floyd. I am humbled by our dedicated staff.

Jackie Smith, HR Business Partner - LaGrange, NC

As an Eastern NC native, it hurts us all to see this devastation- from my hometown Rocky Mount on the Tar River, to Goldsboro and Kinston on the Neuse, to Fayetteville on the Lumber River. Raleigh was spared the flooding, but we have massive power outages in neighborhoods from downed trees and power lines and many damaged homes. Kudos to all our employees for their dedication (especially my peeps in Eastern NC-they rock).

Debbie Valentine, Marketing and Communications, Raleigh, NC
Bob Turner,
Oct 14, 2016, 8:54 AM