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HR Forms Drive Update

Reorganized HR Forms Drive | New Application/Post-Offer/New Hire Paperwork | Anniversary-date Direct Support Review Form
July 8, 2015

Reorganized 3000 – Human Resources Forms Drive

We have cleaned up the Human Resources Forms Drive, so you can quickly find what you need.

Key Changes:
  1. Reflects the HR Policy Manual
  2. Follows the ‘employee life-cycle
  3. Read about our Updated Job Descriptions, which are now housed in the ‘Employment’ folder.

Updated Recruiting & Hiring Forms
HR has updated our Recruiting and Hiring Forms to stay in compliance with current laws and regulations
The previous application for Employment is now split into two:
  1. Application for Employment is now much shorter.
  2. The Post Offer Agreements and Disclosures have been separated from the application, and needs to be completed between the interview and the hiring event.  
Where to find updated Recruiting & Hiring Forms

In the 3000 – Human Resources forms drive, click on “2-Recruiting and Hiring Process”.

In this folder, you will see the following sub-folders:
1-Recruiting & Advertising – Find resources for posting a job to CareerBuilder, etc.
2-Pre-Offer – Find the updated ‘Application for Employment 2015’, Direct Support Interest Form & various Interview Guides
3-Post-Offer – Find Post-Offer Agreements/Disclosures by state, Background Check, Drug Test, Offer/Rejection Letters, and WorkSTEPS documents for participating locations.
4-Hire - Find New Hire paperwork like the New Hire checklist, Employee Information & Understandings packet (by state), Payroll, IT/Email Access, Credentialing, Medical forms and updated Welcome to your Benefits resources.
5-Non-Employees – Forms for interns and contractors.

Please only use forms on the 3000 – Human Resources shared drive.

Using the new Direct Support Review Form
  • Annual Performance Reviews for DIRECT SUPPORT positions are still to be completed on that employee’s work anniversary date.
  • The Elevate Direct Support Annual Review form, which has been separated from the job description, and can be found in the 3000 – Human Resources/6-Compensations, Recognition, Performance, Payroll/2 Elevate Performance and Goals folder on the Forms Drive.
  • Once complete, please send to Payroll with a Personnel Action Request (PAR).