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How RHA's Culture is Powered by the 7 Habits

RHA is investing in our Culture of Caring and Leadership, powered by the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

We have re-imagined our paradigms around Performance Management, Communication and Leadership Development – all tied to the key principles of the 7 Habits.

Click here for an overview of the 7 Habits

Seeking to understand Our Organization

In December 2013, we conducted the RHA Culture Survey and learned our employees:
  • want to better understand how their job ties into RHA goals and objectives 
  • asked for more regular communication from their unit and company 
  • highly trust their direct supervisor 
  • desired consistent feedback from their immediate supervisor 
Organizational Response

ElevateClear Goals & Recognize Performance 

RHA’s new goal & performance management program, Elevate, will help tie together employee’s efforts with RHA’s key organizational goals. Through Elevate, RHA will have the ability to ensure our high performers are recognized through promotion and if available, scarce compensation resources.
Emphasis on Employee Communication 

RHA has refocused our efforts to get important information to the entire company quickly.  We are working to communicate through traditional and new media channels, including; a new employee web portal (, monthly Organizational updates for our leaders, etc.

RHA's Leadership Development Initiative 

As of 2017, over 650 supervisors have attended RHA’s two-day 7 Habits for Managers program. Our goal is to empower all leaders through the paradigms and tools outlined in our 7 Habits program. 

Expect to hear more about how RHA is supporting our Culture of Caring and Leadership.