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Congratulations to Tammie Hollingsworth, our new Lumberton Administrator!

By Vanessa Burden

I'm pleased to announce that Tammie Hollingsworth (pictured) has accepted the permanent role as Administrator of our Lumberton unit in Lumberton, NC.

I am appreciative of Tammie for her hard work and dedication as the Program Specialist. Tammie’s leadership and dedication has fostered a spirit of teamwork and provided a framework of quality care and excellence as demonstrated by our employees towards the people we support.

About Tammie Hollingsworth

Tammie joined RHA on 04/27/2015 as the Program Specialist.  Tammie has demonstrated a commitment to quality care, ethics, and excels at communications at every level from people supported to include family, employees, and MCOs.

“I love that RHA is family oriented. I enjoy working with the people we serve.” says Tammie.