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Common Work-week & Payday Adjustments this September

RHA is bringing all our companies and employees to a common work-week and pay schedule.

To reach this common schedule, all companies will see a shift to their work-week and pay day in the month of September.

New Work-Week
  • ALL RHA employees will move to a Sunday – Saturday work week. 
  • The deadline for Reviewing/Correcting time will now be
    • Behavioral Health - 10am on the Monday following the close of the previous work week.
    • Howell & Health Services - Review and correct on Monday each week.
New Pay Schedule
  • Employees will be paid every 2 weeks, on a Monday. 
  • By October, our new work-week (Sunday – Saturday) and pay day (Monday) transition will be complete. 
  • Mini-checks: For areas that will have a mini-check to bring them to the new schedule, only FICA, federal and state taxes will be withheld. There will NOT be any benefits deductions. PDO will still be accrued.

What Employees Need To Do
  • Look at the new pay dates, below. 
  • Adjust any automatic bill payment dates you may have set up with your financial institution, if needed.

What Unit Leaders Need To Do
  • Adjust & share the adapted individual work schedule with all your employees. 
  • Understand that the deadline to review and/or correct employee time will be Monday at 10am. 
  • To reach this Monday deadline, it’s recommended to reconcile time daily, so there’s not a last-minute rush that holds up payroll for all employees in the company. 
  • If the new work-week means an employee’s status moves them from FT to PT, have a conversation with that employee. 
  • For those that work on payroll at the units, clear your Monday morning schedule to allow yourself time.

Transition Schedule: Howell

LAST Cycle of OLD Work-week & Payday
    • Work-week is Sunday, 8/30 – Saturday, 9/12 (14 days) 
    • Employees paid Thursday, 9/24

FIRST Cycle of NEW Work-week & Payday
    • Work-week is Sunday, 9/13 – Saturday, 9/26 (14 days) 
    • Employees paid Monday, 10/5paid three days sooner than previously 

Transition Schedule: Health Services, Behavioral Health & Management Services

LAST Cycle of OLD Work-week & Payday
    • Work-week is Thursday, 8/27 – Wednesday, 9/9 (14 days) 
    • Employees paid Friday, 9/18 

Transition Period
    • Work-week is Thursday, 9/10 – Saturday, 9/12 (3 days). 
    • Behavioral Health Timesheets must be approved by 10am on Monday, 9/14.
    • Health Services business offices should review and correct time sheets by the end of the business day each Monday.  
    • Employees paid Monday, 9/21
    • PDO accrual will not happen during transition ‘mini-check’ in September.
      • Normally 26 pay periods
      • ‘Mini-check’ would be the 27th 
      • PDO will be accrued at its normal pace, in line with policy

FIRST Cycle of NEW Work-week & Payday
    • Work-week is Sunday, 9/13 – Saturday, 9/26 (14 days)
    • Overtime (OT) - How Payroll will determine OT to be paid on 10/5:
      • Calculate the OT hours in the OLD 7 day work-week 9/10 – 9/16
      • Calculate the OT hours in the NEW 7 day work-week 9/13 – 9/19
      • Payroll will compare the OT of each employee for each 7-day window.
      • Our employees will be paid the HIGHER amount of OT hours from #1 & #2
      • OT will be paid on the 10/5 check
      • This practice is to keep RHA in line with US Department of Labor Regulation §778.302 - Computation of overtime due for overlapping workweeks
    • Employees paid Monday, 10/5 

Remaining 2015 Paydays
IF a federal or bank holiday falls on a payday, employees will receive their pay one business day before this holiday
  • 10/19
  • 11/2
  • 11/16
  • 11/30
  • 12/14
  • 12/28