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Cards by Jane: The Artist & The Entreprenuer

Jane is a remarkable artist and entrepreneur.  She has not allowed her diagnosis of cerebral palsy to stand in her way.

Always fascinated by colors and art, she began painting 15 years ago and currently works with the Exceptional Friends Art Studio. The NC Mountains and a cottage at Oak Island are inspirations for much of her work.  In addition to her original acrylics, these lovely note cards are now available for purchase in assorted packs of seven.

Jane was born in upstate New York and moved to Greensboro to attend Gateway Education Center. While there she passed the North Caroling state exams, graduated high school and obtained a diploma. Subsequently she worked part-time for several years doing data entry at a local orthopedic office. Also Jane has been involved in various volunteer opportunities---she likes to be busy and productive. She enjoys travel and has made numerous trips visiting family and friends on the east coast----from Niagara Falls to the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Jane currently lives at an RHA Health Services Group Home in Greensboro, NC.

For more information about Jane’s catalog or to place an order, please email her at or visit her Facebook page.