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April 2019 - RHA Organizational Update

Learn About

  • NC Medicaid Transformation & Legislative updates
  • Our focus on policies & procedures to better align with the reality of your day-to-day work
  • Our IDD Residential Team Leader Pilot program
  • Our Medication Management Hub pilot program
  • Importance of completing the DLA20
  • The FY 2020 budget process
  • IT updates, including: contract management software, Workday, NC Notify PACEnet, and our transition from Roll Call to Zoom in May
  • The 2019 Performance Review cycle and how 32 diverse employees are representing YOU on RHA's Total Rewards Council
  • How your program can be represented on RHA’s website & social media
  • And MUCH more...


CEO Updates - Jeanne Duncan

NC Medicaid Transformation Update

  • North Carolina is still on track for the Standard Plan to roll-out Nov 2019 – February 2020.
  • The state of North Carolina has hired the vendor Maximus to manage member enrollment, starting in June.
  • Hearing the state is working to proactively pull out people that will receive Tailored Plan coverage, so they don’t get a notice to enroll in the standard plan.
  • There have been four appeals to the private insurance Managed Care Organizations (MCO), but nothing has really happened there.

Legislative Updates

  • IDC Changes – Would impact Behavioral Health. 
  • House Bill 471 – Would reduce administrative duplication to establish a work-group to reduce the administrative burden on providers like RHA.
  • Medicaid Expansion/Fill-the-Gap
    1. House Bill 665 – Could Cover 300k individuals and additional 200k that come off the federal healthcare exchange.
    2. Senate Bill 361 – A different healthcare expansion, would add 2,000 Waiver slots in a 2 year period, focuses on the IDD Waiver waiting list.  Would enter NC into an inter-jurisdictional interstate compact that would allow psychiatrists to practice across state lines either in-person or via tele-medicine.  Would also add licensed marriage and family therapists to list of those that can complete the first evaluations on involuntary commitment.
    3. House Bill 671 – Behavior Analyst bill to establish board and licensure for BH?
    4. Creating Relationships for Youth with IDD Fund - Another bill to fund creation of a Best Buddies International chapter in NC serving.  Non-recurring money.  Volunteer training and staff supervision focus.
    5. Direct Support Pay Bill – Jeanne has spoken about this bill in the past.  Bill is still in committee.  PMPM increase to our current MCO rate to then pass along increases to our IDD staff.

President Updates - Nick Sulaiman

  • Focus has been to look internally at our policies, procedures and systems.
  • Goal is to strengthen our foundation so RHA is ready for future challenges and opportunities.

Policy & Procedure Focus

  • Working to ensure our policies & procedures are aligned with the reality of what you do on a day-to-day basis.

System Focus

  • Goal to run the company on two main systems:
    1. Workday to manage our finances and staff
    2. PACENet to help manage the people we serve and support (electronic medical record and billing).  Specifically focused on making current functionality better before rolling out to the IDD side of our company.
  • We continue to tweak the systems to be easier for you to use, and to also solidify our data so we can use business intelligence to better run our company.

Investing in Our People & Best Models

  • We’re continuing to innovate to ensure we have the best training and staffing model to have the best quality.
  • Specific focus on our training programs to ensure you have the information you need to do your job.
  • Want to be sure the business intelligence you need to do your job is available.  We’re working toward that.
  • Michelle Robertson will speak to a pilot home model.
  • Centralized recruiting at some units to see how we can improve our recruiting.
  • Specific focus on our compensation plans.  Testing our model and if it works, will expand unit-by-unit.
  • These investments are opportunities to strengthen our foundation.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our company!

IDD Operations Updates - Jennifer Lineberger

Residential Team Leader Pilot Program – Michelle Robertson

  • Pilot program in Maiden and Statesville
  • Went live March 24th.
  • Revisited the structure of our leadership in our group homes.
  • New role is Residential Team Leader – Goal is to give these leaders more time and space to focus on home management.
  • Also focusing on new recruitment and retention models to recognize our long-term staff and incentivize new staff.
  • A big positive is the volume of turnover has greatly decreased.  New hire turnover has dropped dramatically.
  • Nick – This is an example of how we need to invest in our staff and innovate our model at the home level.  Work to give them more time to be a better leader at the home level to ensure they have the proper training to help recruit, retain and mentor staff.  Most new Residential Team Leaders are reporting they are having more time to focus on their manager responsibilities, versus needing to work to cover shifts.

Acquisition of ProLex in Chattanooga

  • RHA was able to acquire a very reputable Prolex, an IDD provider in Chattanooga, TN.
  • Brought in ~40 clients in 19 homes, with ~120 new staff joining RHA.
  • Jennifer thanked HR, Financial Services, and the Ops team to help bring these people into RHA


  • Thank you to our Administrators that are pulling the Overtime report
  • Hard work and effort has really paid off.
  • Major improvement at many units.

Daily Submission and Approval Of Time Worked

  • Hourly Staff – Please remember to Check In/Out daily and submit that days’ time worked.
  • Managers – Please approve your staff’s submitted time daily.
  • Nick Sulaiman – Please do this.  It’s very important to properly pay staff, and we can only do this if staff are doing their job of clocking in/out in Workday, and if managers approve worker’s submitted time.

BH Operations Updates – Brandon Golder

Self Evaluations

  • Please be sure to do your Self Evaluations in Workday, and put your goals into the system in bonus-eligible.

Medication Management Hub Pilot in West

  • Working to leverage technology to bridge any gaps we have in providing care.  We’re working on a Medication Management Hub pilot to help give access to clinicians for assessments and medication management.
  • Coming together.
  • Internal staff to provide scheduling assistance.
  • Has a struggle with provider coverage in the West, hope to pull in to pilot.
  • With NC Start West space in AVL, opened up opportunity.

Business Development

  • Integrating 90 peer support consumers in Central region, should be recognizing revenue in late April.
  • Knoxville – lease on space next to IDD office.  Working with staff to transfer OP license to new office.  May pivot due to staffing challenge.  Perhaps a hybrid clinical/operational lead focusing on business development and some initial assessments for a clinician that may be interested in a leadership opportunity.
  • Believes Medicaid Transformation is going to provide opportunities to work with the private MCOs.  At every level of the organization, we are talking and preparing for this transition.  Focus on values-based payments, etc. to ensure RHA is well positioned in the long-term.

Business Operations Overview

  • Financially, we’re having a pretty good year (comparing year-over-year).
  • Doing well with expense controls and purchasing.
  • Specific focus matching service demand with staffing patterns.
  • Has appreciated the data points now available in Workday Financials to help local operational leaders have better information in managing their units.

Hilltop Substance Use Services – Sara Huffman, Regional Director (Central NC)

  • In January 2018, RHA took a stance on how we will address the opioid crisis in the communities we’re serving.
  • From that came a focus on a comprehensive continuum of care for opioid treatment.
  • We are currently providing these services in five locations in central/eastern NC, expanding to more.
  • Serving over 220 individuals in these 5 locations.
  • Recently acquired a provider in Morehead City (Carteret County) effective March 4th, currently offering SAIOP and Outpatient services, with the expectation to offering full Hilltop services in the near future.
  • The communities we’re serving are excited about what we’ve been able to do for their citizens facing the opioid challenge.
  • Hilltop Business Development:
    • Submitting an RFP for Surry County to expand services there.
    • Working to expand into Bladenboro, NC in the coming weeks.  Upfitting office, hiring staff, ordering furniture, etc.
    • Also working to expand Hilltop services in the High Point area.
    • TN – Working with state leadership in Tennessee regarding medication-assisted treatment and potential for state and Medicaid substance user services.

Clinical Updates – Sharlena Thomas

Trauma Informed Care

  • We are working to enhance our Trauma-Informed Care Agency status as an organization.
  • This is a standard of care, a mindset, etc.
  • Procured new training material, distributed to clinical folks
  • Working with Jennifer/Robin for IDD Administrators and admin staff.
  • If you or anyone you know are interested in serving as a local liaisons/champions for Trauma-Informed Care, please reach out to our BH Clinical Coordinator.

DLA20 BH Outcome Measurement Tool

  • Daily Living Activities (DLA) 20
  • This is our current clinical outcome measurement tool.
  • VERY important to consistently use the DLA20.
  • Despite training and communication, we’re finding this information is not being entered like it needs to be.
  • We are going to encourage and hold people accountable to enter this information in a timely manner.
  • This is the way we measure and track the outcomes of our services.
  • NC Medicaid Transformation is all about these outcomes data.  Is what we’re doing making a difference in people’s lives?
  • These values-based payments based on our quality and outcomes will greatly impact RHA.
  • Important, as this is our current clinical outcome measure.  Do at the proper onset and different intervals, as required by your MCO.
  • We are working to identify more trainers to help support local staff.

Community Support Team (CST) Proposed Changes – CST Feedback Is Needed!

Finance Services – David Hecht

Budget Process

  • A big thank you to everyone for your work submitting FY 2020 budgets.  Not always easy with everything going on.
  • Financial Services has uploaded FY 2020 budgets into Workday.
  • Financials Services, Jennifer Lineberger and Brandon Golder are looking through these submissions.
  • Will build report to look at YTD actuals, then annualize then compared to submitted budget.  Then look at apples-to-apples comparison.
  • Future in-depth discussions with the field beginning in early May.  Wants conversation productive and efficient, will schedule calls with appropriate groups if a performance discrepancy.

Information Technology Updates - Denise Redfearn

Contract Management Software

  • RHA’s ‘Contract Committee’ has been exploring options to better manage all company contracts.
  • We have selected ConstractSafe as our vendor.
  • Implementation:  Will be gathering contracts in the coming weeks.
  • Will handle all contracts, leases, agreements, etc.

Workday Learning (Denise and Robin Correll)

  • Workday Learning kicked off recently, implementation will take ~6 months
  • Denise, Robin Correll, Krissy Wood and Nellie Galindo
  • Will start collecting information around IDD, then BH.
  • Specifically, we will need training coordinators to start collecting certifications and information that is needed.
  • Look for updates each month on goals and milestones.

Workday Expenses

  • This is part of our Workday Financials deployment.
  • Will be launching Expenses in the future to handle credit card reconciliation.

Incident Management in Workday

  • Will be looking at how to use Workday for Incident Management and Workers Compensation reporting.

NC Notify

  • The North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA) offers NC Notify to full participants of NC HealthConnex.
  • This event notification service will provide significant insight into patients’ health care activity across North Carolina.
  • NC Notify is a subscription-based service that notifies providers as their patients receive services across the care continuum, spanning geography, health care systems, acute and ambulatory care settings, etc.
  • RHA has successfully send NC Notify RHA’s paneling file for people that have received services recently.
  • RHA got State of NC approval to turn on this feature as we test at a few Behavioral Health units.
  • You will see this information in PACEnet, and will receive alerts if someone you support has received services from another provider.

PACEnet for IDD

  • Hope to begin IDD business offices entering basic demographic information for IDD into PACEnet.
  • Also working on IDD nightly census reporting for 3rd shift.
  • Will include training.
  • Kickoff and training in early July.

PACEnet Billing & Cash Collections

  • Programming team is working hard to wrap up development of this functionality.
  • Hope to parallel trial for a few units in July 2019.

PACEnet for Mobile Crisis Management

  • Development team working on completing MCM development.
  • Will also incorporate the DLA20 into PACEnet.

Conference Calling

  • We will be transitioning from RollCall to Zoom
  • Team has been testing this functionality in recent months
  • Zoom has much more functionality than RollCAll, but at a drastically reduced rate from basic conference calling of today.
  • Zoom is a HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Trial Zoom accounts will get permenant licenses soon.
  • May 2019 – RollCall and Zoom both live, to help acclimate
  • Visit the MyRHA Zoom page for more information.

Chrome Browser

  • RHA is switching our main internet browser to Chrome
  • This will work better for RHA’s main systems.
  • A few units have been testing Chrome
  • An update to PACEnet was made based on testing unit feedback.  If you’re in one of these units, please continue your testing.
  • Will roll out Chrome browser unit-by-unit.

Central Call Center

  • RHA is testing a central call center concept.
  • Been testing the technology to power this call center using ZenDesk Talk.
  • All testing with different phone systems, cell phone, etc. has been very successful.
  • Committee is working on a rollout plan to help better route and track questions.

Human Resources Updates - Denise Turner

2019 Annual Performance Review Cycle Overview

  • For non-direct support positions - (IDD) Direct Support annual reviews happen in Workday on their anniversary date
  • This is a chance to have a conversation with our managers on our past performance, and our future at RHA.

Key Dates

  • Self Review - April 15-29, 2019
  • Manager Reviews - May 31 Completion Deadline
  • 1:1 Feedback Sessions between Manager & Employee - June 24 Completion Deadline

Total Rewards Council

  • Total Rewards = Compensation, Benefits, Wellbeing, Rewards Programs, Development
  • The Total Rewards Committee is an Exec group that has been meeting in recent months to better align our Total Rewards to what matters to employees.
  • A Total Rewards Council has also been created to get input from front-line staff.  A diverse group of 32 people from across company are participating.

Marketing & Communications – Bob Turner

Website Improvements

  • RHA launched a redesign of our website menu to help visitors find specific information about RHA, our IDD/Mental Health/Substance Use services, Careers and Locations.
  • (our online job board) is now inside RHA’s public website architecture.  This allows us to offer more resources to job candidates to help them with login and onboarding issues.
  • Our new Marketing Manager, Tyler Donaldson, has been doing a lot of Search Engine Optimization in the background of our website.  This is helping RHA show up in search results better and has improved website traffic.

Building More Website Content

  • If your program has a brochure, you also need a web page.
  • Marketing is here to help you get word out to our communities about your program.
  • With a web page, we can promote services via social and using search engine marketing dollars in the future.
  • Reach out to for assistance.

Facebook – Past Month

  • We have reached 37,000 people with our Facebook campaigns
  • We have had over 19k post engagements

Upcoming Conferences – RHA Sponsorship & Marketing Support

  • NC Tide - April 28-May 1 in Wilmington, NC – Marketing in attendance with Pam and other BH Op leaders
  • NC Provider Association Conference - May 22-24 in Greensboro – RHA lunch sponsor, Robin/Krissy presenting.  Marketing supporting with Giveaways.
  • TN Megaconference - May 23-24 in Nashville, NC – Marketing in attendance with Margaret, Dottie, Lori.
  • i2i Spring Conference - June 10-11 in Raleigh, NC.  Marketing in attendance with Tamra.