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April 2018 Organizational Update

RHA Organizational Update
April 2018

It is a time of growth and change at RHA (A GOOD Thing!)

This update is our way to keep you informed.

Please take a few minutes to read through our April 2018 organizational updates.

Welcome Our New HR Business Partner - Sharon Jacobs
By Jeremy Duffer

The HR Department is pleased to welcome Sharon Jacobs her new role with us as the HR Business Partner for our Eastern North Carolina Locations.

Sharon joins the HR team after working for two plus years as a Certified Substance Abuse Specialist at our Whiteville Behavioral Health Office.  Before she explored providing services, she had multiple years of experience in HR and earned her Master's Degree in Human Resources.

We are excited to see what Sharon brings to the organization with her unique combination of experience and the excitement to be in Human Resources again.  Please welcome Sharon to the HR team!

Click here to see units Sharon will cover, and to learn more about what your HR Business Partner can do for you


Workday Talent Update
By Jeremy Duffer

Talent and Performance for Employees

Employees have a really cool opportunity to take charge of their own development.  You can begin by setting a goal or requesting feedback.

How are Performance Reviews are done in Workday?

IDD Direct Support positions:

  • 90 day Introductory review in Workday
  • Annual Manager Review on Hire Date Anniversary

All Other RHA Jobs:

  • 90 day Introductory review in Workday
  • Annual Self-Review
  • Annual Manager Review during Annual Performance Review Cycle

Learn how to:

  • Add and Archive a Goal - A great way to track your progress on an important project/initiative.  The status of your goal will appear on your performance evaluation.
  • Get and Give Feedback - Ask co-workers, your boss, or a mentor for feedback on how you're doing, and where you can get better.  Employees that 'seek to understand' from others tend to do better!

May Workday Training for Leadership & HR Partners

By Bob Turner

Workday ‘Phase 2’ Trainings are being offered May 7-18 in Asheville, Chattanooga, New Bern and High Point.

This will be a two-day ‘deep dive’ into Workday covering functionality deployed in 2017 and 2018.

Executives, Vice Presidents, Unit Leaders and everyone in the ‘HR Partner’ role in Workday should attend.

Click here for Registration information


Forgot Workday Password?
By Bob Turner

Password Resets are now an Employee’s responsibility.

We've added options to make it easier for you!

Employees can reset online or by phone.

Instructions are on the Workday Login page.


Workday Learning Update
By Bob Turner

Progress continues on our Workday Learning implementation, which will replace S.T.A.R.S.

Workday Learning is projected to go live Summer 2018.

More details to come… 

Click here to watch a Workday Learning Mini-tour
(YouTube video, may not work on RHA’s network)


2018 7 Habits for Managers Open For Registration
By Bob Turner

7 Habits for Managers® registration is now open for 2018 dates in Nashville, Raleigh, Atlanta, Daytona Beach and New Bern.  Asheville dates will be announced soon.

We encourage anyone that supervises another to attend.  Please check with your supervisor before registering.

Click here to learn more and to register online


Farewell to Jeff Gallagher
By Bob Turner

It is with mixed emotions we announce that Jeff Gallagher is leaving RHA at the end of April.

Jeff began working at RHA in 2007.  He has served as an Administrator, Program Manager, and Trainer.  His accomplishments include earning a $700,000 grant to start the WIN program, which helped many legacy Howell employees expand their education.  Jeff was also instrumental in development and launch of RHA’s 7 Habits for Managers® program, which has over 600 attendees since 2014.

If you know Jeff, feel free to reach out to him personally.

We wish Jeff the best on his future endeavors!  We know he’ll make a difference, as well as make people smile…


Benefits Updates
By Jackie Smith

Introducing Workday Benefits

In early April, we moved our Benefits management system to the Benefits worklet/app inside Workday

Improvements Include:

  • One platform - Manage your Benefits in Workday, in addition to managing your time, PTO, personal & pay information.
  • Inbox - Reminders will be sent to you via your Workday Inbox to remind you of deadlines
  • Mid-year Changes - If you have a life event that would lead to a benefits change, you can initiate in Workday Benefits.
  • Easy Access to Information -  View Benefits & Wellness videos, Carrier phone/website info, Summary Plan Descriptions, and more!


Please Review Benefits Deductions (if applicable) on your April 16 Payslip

In early April, RHA moved our benefits management system to Workday Benefits.  Click here for more information

Quality Control

  • Although our team has tested our processes, we want to verify that any benefit deductions on your paycheck are correct.
  • This is where we need your help!

Take Action!

  • Please review the deductions for benefits (if applicable) on your April 16 payslip.
  • If you find a discrepancy, please contact the RHA Benefits Service Center at 855-RHA-BENS (855-742-2367) or


Outreach to Benefits-Eligible New Hires from Feb 1-April 1

The RHA Benefits Service center is actively reaching out to employees hired in Feb and March that don’t have any benefit elections to help them get enrolled.

If you are a new hire/rehire/transfer from PT to FT between Feb 1 and April 1, please contact the RHA Benefits Service Center at 855-RHA-BENS (855-742-2367) to assist with your benefits enrollment.

If you are a new hire/rehire/transfer on/after April 2nd, you should receive a Workday Inbox item to enroll in benefits once the onboarding process is completed.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a service that can help you navigate your care and insurance claims.

Health Advocate can:

  • Answer your benefit questions 
  • Explain medical conditions and research treatment options 
  • Find in-network doctors and specialists 
  • Make appointments and transfer medical records 
  • Resolve claims and billing issues 
  • Remind you about overdue health screenings 
  • Well-being programs including Health Coaching, Wellness Topics & Challenges
  • And much more!


Click here for more Benefits information, or visit the Benefits worklet/app in Workday.


Announcing the IT Solutions Center
By Angie Pascoli

Customer Service is very important to RHA's Information Technology (IT) Department

To offer the best customer service, RHA has initiated a ticketing system.  This ticketing system will help track issues and assign resources to solve issues.

Contact the IT Solutions Center

Supporting Workday, PACEnet, Eclipse, Citrix, etc.

  1. Email with a detailed description of your IT issue (type of hardware, software, etc.
  2. A ticket will be created.
  3. Your ticket will then be assigned to the appropriate person (your local IT Support Engineer, etc.) for resolution.

Exchange Server (Email) Upgrade & Addressing Citrix Issues
By Chaitanya ‘CK’ Kancharana

RHA has updated our Microsoft Exchange software to the most resent version.  This will ensure our email system has the most current functionality and security.

We are migrating all email users to the new platform.  During this time, we have experiences some unexpected issues.  We are working with Microsoft to address.  Please be patient with us.

The good news is that so far, there have been no reported issues for email accounts that have been migrated.

If you can’t access your Outlook account on Citrix

Please try checking your email via your browser via Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Webmail or on your mobile device.

ProAct Training Update
By Ken Martin

ProAct is RHA’s Preventive Intervention Training (Prevention, Assessment, and Early Intervention).

The Goals of ProAct include:

  • Prevention of crisis behavior
  • Early intervention to reach safe resolution
  • Specific skills and interventions
  • Support use of least intrusive and restrictive interventions

To help meet unit’s needs, a weekly call has been scheduled for Mondays from 3-3:30.  If you need additional help, please contact Ken Martin.

In the meantime, RHA continues to certify ProAct Instructors.

To-date, we have

  • 8 instructor trainers (people that can train additional trainers and complete observations)
  • 13 fully certified from 2017 Trainer class (have completed all training and observations)
  • Scheduled additional training for our January 2018 Trainer class April 25-26 in High Point

Unit Guidance on ProAct

  • If you have questions about ProAct, please contact Ken Martin
  • Max class size is 8 participants per instructor
  • Part A to be scheduled for 6 hours MINIMUM
  • Part B to be scheduled for 6 hours MINIMUM
  • Recert classes should be scheduled for 6 hours

Click here for background on ProAct

Upcoming Auto Safety Awareness Campaign
By Angie Pace

Each Life, Each Day…Safety First at RHA

With all of RHA’s technology advances, we feel that this year is a perfect opportunity to utilize these tools to initiate a RHA Driver’s Safety Campaign.

Historically RHA’s auto accident frequency increases in the months of May and June.

We want and need to change this increase in frequency.

  • The campaign begins with an introductive email to administrators and directors asking that the electronically distributed information become a part of their daily activities and conversations during April, May and June.  This email will also contain an 8 ½ x 11 flyer to post and distribute.
  • To gain the most impact and minimize interruptions to job tasks these mini messages will be sent to employees directly using two avenues.  1) MyRHA home page banner, and 2) Email Blasts.
  • These auto safety messages are messages are designed to bring awareness and give suggestions to RHA employees to help improve driving habits.
  • This campaign is intended to be the first of many Safety Awareness and Educational Campaigns.  Please help us make this a success.  Safety involves everyone.


RHA Public Newsletter
By Debbie Valentine

Do you have an idea for RHA’s June Public Newsletter?

Here is what Marketing looks for in newsletter submissions:

  • Company & Unit updates of interest to the public
  • Legislative Updates
  • Thought Leaders
  • Awards & Accolades
  • Events
  • Press Releases
  • Success Stories
  • Employee Spotlight

Articles - Marketing asks that you write your own article.  The marketing team may edit for grammar or length.

Photos - Always send high-resolution photos with your articles.

Submission Deadline – May 25th, 2018.  First come, first served.

How to Submit an Article - Email Debbie Valentine at

Visit the RHA Newsletter Submission page for details.