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ANCOR - Tell Congress to Reauthorize Money Follows the Person!

Message below is from ANCOR, our industry association

Please your Members of Congress regarding the renewal of the Money Follows the Person Program (MFP)!

In order to continue building relationships with policy-makers whose decisions affect the disability community, ANCOR members need to be visible on multiple federal issues. MFP is an important re-balancing program expiring this year that Congress needs to pay attention to, or funding to help individuals transition to the community will be lost. So please take a few minutes to learn about and act upon this issue.

MFP is a demonstration program which provides funding to help individuals decide where they live, and to receive home and community supports. It has helped 51,000 individuals in 44 states move into the settings of their choice since its inception in 2005. You will find more information about the program here.

Because it is a temporary program which expired on September 30, 2016, MFP needs to be renewed by Congress so it can continue to receive federal funds. States may continue to use unspent funds through 2020, but unless federal funding is renewed it is likely that most states will start cutting back. Some states have already spent all funds allocated through the program. To solve this problem, the offices of Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) are working on legislation to continue funding MFP and improve the program. They have not yet introduced a bill but are currently building support for it with their colleagues. To assist in these efforts, ANCOR has participated in coalition educational outreach to other Congressional offices on this topic. What we have heard back from those efforts is that Congressional staff need to hear from constituents to be able to prioritize MFP renewal.

Please take 5 minutes to reach out to your Members of Congress and ask them to support renewing the Money Follows the Person Program. You will be able to find out who represents you and their contact information by using ANCOR’s Amplifier tool, linked to here. Please contact Esme Grant Grewal at or Katherine Berland at if you have any questions. 

READY TO ACT? Click here for talking points to use when you contact your Congressional offices!

Take Action!

Talking Points to use when you contact your Congressional offices!