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ProAct - RHA's Preventive Intervention Curriculum

About RHA's ProAct Curriculum

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RHA has used a variety of preventive Intervention programs in the Past.  NC used the state-provided NCI.  Georgia uses SafetyCare.  Tennessee uses CPI.

In 2017, the State of North Carolina announced they were discontinuing support of the NCI Training program. RHA had a choice of licensing a 3rd party state-approved product, or creating our own.

Jeanne Duncan led the charge for RHA to create our own program for use in NC, and other states in the future (where allowed).  Genny Pugh, a longtime veteran of our industry, led this project for RHA.  Between Summer 2017 - Winter 2018, a dedicated group of experienced RHA NCI instructors have worked with Genny, QA and Learning to develop RHA’s new program, ProAct.  ProAct was submitted to the State of NC and approved in December 2017.  RHA is exploring submitting for state approval in TN and GA.  ProAct is being used in Florida as well.

RHA’s ProAct initiative that is built on the foundation of NCI, but has been updated to focus on: 
  • People we support in both IDD & BH 
  • Deeper focus on person-centered language 
  • Informed decision-making 
  • 7 Habits philosophies 
  • Special population modules including: People with Dementia, People with Autism, Trauma Informed Approaches, Children and Adolescents. 

ProAct FAQs

Is ProAct basically the same as NCI?
No. ProAct is a proprietary preventive intervention curriculum created by RHA with emphasis on evidence based practices and a cross disabilities focus. The course provides practical skills influenced by trauma informed, recovery based, person centered and positive approaches. The course requires learner participation, activities and role plays to achieve maximum educational outcomes. In general, RHA employees have responded very positively to the new curriculum and indicate the content is more comprehensive and detailed than the outdated NCI curriculum.

How long does it take to teach ProAct with new employees?
ProAct Parts A &B Core and Core Plus requires two full days. Part A can be taught in approximately 6 focused hours while Part B requires at least ½ day if no physical skills are taught beyond Core. For learners needing all Core and Core Plus skills available, Part B requires a full day. NOTE: for small groups of 3 or less, Part A may take less time, approximately 4.5 – 5 hours. Part B time for small groups is dependent entirely on the number of skills taught, the physical fitness of the learners and the actual learning time required to master the skills. Part B Instructor to Learner ratios may not exceed 1:8 while Part A classes may be as many as 1:20.

How do we know which level of Physical Techniques (skills) is required for which employees?
All RHA employees must have Part A. Most employees must have Part A and Part B Core (Part B Units I,II ,and III – to include blocks and releases). For employees working in BH units or programs, the Learning Track for each program specifies which specific physical skills are required for each service line or program. For employees working in I/DD units, residences or programs, the requirements are site specific beyond Part B Core. HR staff or unit directors have this information.

How often is ProAct Refresher or Recertification Required?
Annually from the date of initial ProAct certification (or for current RHA employees from the last NCI recertification). Current RHA employees who have NCI certification will receive certification in the new ProAct curriculum, When and if a certified ProAct Instructor is available. NCI recertification is being provided to current employees during January and February, 2018 if no ProAct certified Instructor is available.

How long does the ProAct Refresher or Recertification Class take?
Time required for Refresher or Re-certification is dependent upon the number of physical techniques that must be reviewed and scored for competency and the size and learning capability of the group. All four units of ProAct Part A must be reviewed. The time required is estimated from 3 hours to as long as a full day. Employees who do not have to recertify for physical skills could finish in 1.5 hours. Those with Core only requirements who perform with competence should require ½ day.

Are some ProAct Instructors offering the Full Part A / Core in place of a Recertification Class?
YES. During January – March, 2018 we are supporting the certification of a FAST TRACK class of new ProAct Instructors. As a part of their certification, they must be observed/coached while teaching at least 3 classes. Recertification classes do not count toward the coaching requirement. Some NEO schedulers have supported this process by allowing us to expand recertification classes to NEO classes to offer more coaching opportunities. In these cases, a regular recertification class has been expanded to a full day Part A class. Current employees may be able to get necessary skills checked off on that day or may need to return to a Part B Core class for that scoring. By doing this, RHA has supported more opportunities for Instructors to complete their certification.

What is the ProAct FAST TRACK Instructor Class – how is it different from the 2018 ProAct Instructor Class?
The FAST TRACK class is a one-time offering for previously certified NCI Instructors with strong recommendations from RHA management. This group attended a 2-day Instructor classes offered in November, 2017, scored 100% on a written test and demonstrated competence on all physical techniques. They are on a fast track to certification and have an assigned Instructor Trainer who is coaching, observing and making assignments to help them quickly achieve ProAct Instructor certification.

The 2018 ProAct Instructor class is a group of employees recommended to be Instructors by RHA management. They were not previously certified NCI Instructors. They attended a 2-day Instructor class in January, 2018. To proceed to coached teaching, they must pass a written test with a score of 100%, demonstrate competency on all physical skills taught by Instructors, and successfully complete a ProAct Instructor Guide training in February, 2018. Once they move to the coached teaching phase, they will complete assignments and successfully teach at least three classes of both Part A and Part B, teaching each unit at least one time. For more information on ProAct Instructor Training, see the 2018 Instructor Certification Protocols.