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HR Skills Series

Below is a l
ist of learning opportunities for supervisors and HR coordinators at RHA

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Interviewing Skills Webinar for Hiring Managers

This webinar focuses on:
  • What interviewing tools are available to you 
  • Where you can find them 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different interview styles 
  • An updated interviewing and hiring RHA process. 
Watch the 'Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers' webinar 

Recruiting Webinar
How to get the most out of RHA's job posting/applicant management tool

The following learning opportunities are for HR Coordinators, and others that post job openings, screen candidates and hire talent at RHA.

Corrective Action Webinar
Length - 30 minutes, then 20 min Q&A

Who Should View This Webinar?
This training for RHA supervisors and HR coordinators.

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Topics Covered
  • Improved format 
  • Clarified instructions 
  • Additional text boxes to use for descriptions, corrective actions, and employee comments on the back of the form 
  • Simplified Reason for Corrective Action section 
  • Employee Signature now required 
  • Witness Signature now required