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Elevate: Learning Resources

Elevate Learning for Employees

Watch an Elevate Webinar!
Learn what Elevate is, and why RHA is changing how we engage our employees!
  • Behavioral Health webinar - Watch
  • Health Services webinar Watch
  • Management Services webinar - Watch
Webinar Topics
  • Learn what you can do to enhance your career at RHA
  • Check out our new way of setting & aligning organizational goals
  • Understand what new performance reviews means for all of us
  • Understand RHA's Core Competencies
  • See how Elevate moves us toward a ‘pay for performance’ culture 
Use the Right Technology!
Your options include:
  • Use a computer with sound enabled or dial in using the phone number provided. 
  • Use your own personal device.  If clicking the link on a phone or tablet, you should be prompted to download the GoToTraining app. 
  • Thin Clients using RHA’s older ‘Remote Desktop’ server will not play the audio. You will need to access via a training computer or device with audio enabled and speakers.

Elevate Learning for Managers

Elevate for Leaders - Goals & Performance Webinar
SMART Goals + Effective Feedback = Unleashing Potential

For supervisors that will perform their employee's reviews in Elevate

Click here to watch the webinar (3.5 hours) - quick registration required

In the Elevate Goals & Performance Workshop, RHA is bringing together over 300 leaders who will use the Elevate software to create & measure goals, and conduct performance reviews.

Webinar Focus:

  • How our 7 Habits principles and Elevate work together to unleash our employee's potential
  • Review the different 'stages' of employees, and how a situational leader can adjust to meet employees where they are
  • Managing shared expectations through SMART goals, aligning goals with your team’s contribution statements, and managing your team's goals
  • Best practices for giving performance feedback
  • Review our new annual performance review timeline, including organizational goal setting, 90 day evaluations, mid-year coaching, annual reviews.