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RHA IT Network changes:  Why & How it Impacts You
May 26, 2016

RHA’s IT department has been reviewing our network settings to ensure smooth operation. RHA’s IT department’s End-In-Mind is to ensure network speeds for systems that help you provide care to those we serve and support.

RHA IT Is Optimizing Network Speed to Ensure Systems That Support the People We Serve Work
  • RHA IT has locked down some firewall settings to reduce attack points and limit streaming of non-RHA-related websites. 
  • This is to improve network performance, which is already up 15-20% this morning. 
Areas impacted include:
  • Limited access to music/video streaming services 
  • Non-RHA email accounts 
Use Your RHA Email Account for Work!
  • Remember, we should only be using our RHA email address for work-related content. 
  • We should NEVER share Personal Health Information (PHI) via our private email accounts. 
  • This practice ensures information transmitted is HIPAA compliant & protects the personal information of the people we serve and support. 
  • You can always check your personal email account on your personal device off the RHA network. 
Still Need Access to Blocked Content for Work?
  • If you need access to a website or a non-RHA email account over RHA’s network (i.e. you work with a local entity and need access to their system), please contact the IT Help Desk at 1-877-797-4636 or
Keeping You in the Loop
  • These limitations will remain in effect until IT completes auditing these policies to ensure we remain in compliance while optimizing network speed.
  • We’ll be sending out more information in the coming days/weeks.