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Cell Phone Policy

Updated 6/1/2018

Beginning June 2018, RHA is Transitioning to a New Cell Phone Policy

RHA recognizes the rapidly emerging technology and devices used for personal and other communications.

To take advantage of these developments in a flexible, responsible and secure way, the Company has instituted an Employee Cell Phone Program.

The purpose of this Employee Cell Phone Policy is to define standards, procedures and restrictions that govern participation in the Program for individuals whose jobs require cell phone usage

Project Timeline

RHA will transition from our current state toward the new policy starting in June, with the goal of being fully transitioned by July 2019.  Tamra and Tina will reach out to our units and staff during this time to facilitate this transition.

We envision the appropriate acknowledgement of this new policy will be built into Workday, and digitally signed by employees.

Project Leads
  • Tamra Wise (Bapties) - IDD
  • Tina Harkey - BH
RHA Cell Phone Policy Questions & Answers

Q:  What are the cell phone allowances for RHA employees?

A:  Based on usage for each job position, the following allowance recommendations are:

  • $25/month – phone calls and text messaging
  • $35/month – phone calls, text messaging and light data usage (RHA email and Workday login)
  • $55/month – phone calls, text messaging and heavy data usage (RHA email, Workday login and using phones as wireless hotspots for laptops to connect to PACEnet)

Q:  If I currently have a cell phone that RHA manages, will that continue?

A:  No, RHA will no longer manage the cell service plan for any individual employee.   Instead, based on your job position qualified employees will receive a cell phone allowance on the first pay period of each month.

Q:  Will RHA manage on-call or shared phones?

A:  Yes, RHA will continue to purchase and manage on-call or shared phone lines that are appropriate to operate our business.  The executive team will be determining additional operational needs in purchasing new phones.

Q:  Do I need to buy a new phone?

A:  If you have a phone provided through the existing RHA plan, you will be allowed to keep the actual phone or you can choose to turn your RHA phone into your manager and use your own personal phone.  After this point, RHA will no longer upgrade phones or buy new phones for individual employees.

Q:  When will I need to get a new service provider for my phone?

A:  As the existing RHA plan with Verizon expires over the next 3 months, every employee will be asked to procure their own service plan with another provider of your choice.  You will be notified when your RHA number is to be transferred.

Q:  If I am a manager and have an employee on the highest cell phone allowance, how can I ensure that employee has a service plan that is appropriate for data usage?

A:  As part of RHA policy if an employee receives compensation as a cell phone allowance, the manager has the right to review the service plan an employee acquires for their phone use during business hours.  Based on the allowance level, the plan must accommodate that need.

Q:  What if I find my service plan costs more than the cell phone allowance?

A:  The allowances are based on the expected usage of your personal phone for business purposes.  In most cases across all four states in which RHA operates, these plans align to commonly available and no-contract phone service plans that can be obtained for unlimited calls, texts and high speed 4GLTE data.

Q:  I want to keep my personal phone number private.  How can I use my personal phone for business purposes?

A:  RHA recommends using Google Voice to obtain a secondary phone line for this business purpose.  Google Voice is a free service and all details and features can be found here:

YouTube Video

  • Business necessity drives the need for these positions to have a cell phone
  • Employees NOT on this list may still access their work email on their personal device.
  • Employees receiving a cell phone allowance are REQUIRED to add that cell # to their Workday profile via the Personal Information worklet.

IDD Positions Eligible for an RHA Cell Phone Allowance
Pending Manager Approval
  • CAP Case Manager
  • CAP Nurse (Part-Time RN)
  • CAP Nurse Case Manager (RN)
  • CAP Program Manager
  • Community Employment Services Director
  • Direct Support Mentor
  • Direct Support Program Manager
  • Group Home Manager (Exempt)
  • Group Home Supervisor (ICF)
  • Group Home Supervisor (N-ICF)
  • Group Home Supervisor Senior (ICF)
  • Group Home Supervisor Senior (N-ICF)
  • Group Homes Program Supervisor
  • House Assistant
  • Human Resources and Training Coordinator (IDD)
  • IDD Administrator
  • IDD Behavior Respite Coordinator
  • IDD Behavior Specialist
  • IDD Facility Administrator
  • IDD Facility Assistant Director of Nursing
  • IDD Facility Director of Nursing
  • IDD Facility Program Manager
  • IDD Group Homes Program Manager
  • IDD Job Coach
  • IDD Operations Director
  • IDD Program Administrator
  • IDD Qualified Professional
  • IDD Qualified Professional Non ICF
  • IDD Qualified Professional (Hourly)
  • IDD Regional Administrator
  • IDD Regional Business Office Manager
  • IDD Regional Operations Director
  • IDD Residential Team Leader
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Maintenance Coordinator
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Regional HR and Training Coordinator
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Specialist

BH Positions Eligible for an RHA Cell Phone Stipend
Pending Manager Approval
  • ACTT Nurse
  • Behavioral Health Associate Licensed Team Leader
  • Behavioral Health Business Office Manager
  • Behavioral Health Certified Peer Support Professional*
  • Behavioral Health Certified Peer Support Specialist*
  • Behavioral Health Clinical Program Manager
  • Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor
  • Behavioral Health Director
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Clinical Addiction Spec-Associate*
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist*
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Clinical Professional*
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Clinical Professional -Associate*
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker*
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker-A*
  • Behavioral Health Licensed Team Leader
  • Behavioral Health Nurse (LPN)
  • Behavioral Health Program Manager
  • Behavioral Health Regional Director
  • Behavioral Health Specialist I (PP)  (BH)
  • Behavioral Health Specialist II (AP)  (BH)
  • Behavioral Health Specialist III (QP) (BH)
  • Behavioral Health Specialist IV(PT-Licensed)
  • Behavioral Health Team Leader
  • DHH Clinician
  • DHH Director
  • Drug Treatment Court Clinician
  • Employment Support Professionals
  • Employment Support Professional Supervisor
  • Facility Based Crisis Director
  • Facility Based Crisis Nurse
  • Facility Based Crisis Nurse Manager
  • Facility Based Crisis Specialist
  • Human Resources and Training Coordinator (BH)
  • Human Resources Supervisor
  • IPS Employment Support Professional
  • IPS Peer Support Professional
  • IPS Supported Employment Supervisor
  • Peer Support Professional
  • Prevention Coordinator
  • Prevention Director
  • Prevention Specialist I
  • Prevention Specialist II
  • Prevention Team Leader
  • Re-Entry Program Case Manager
  • Re-Entry Program Manager
  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program Manager
  • START Resource Counselor- Lead
  • IDD Special Education Teacher
  • IDD Nurse RN
  • Clinical Lead for TBT
  • START Director
  • START Team Leader
  • START Coordinator
  • START Clinical Director
  • START Resource Supervisor
  • START Associate Clinical Director
  • START Therapeutic Coach (BHS III)