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Corporate Safety

From Start to Finish, Focus on Driving Safety
Each Life, Each Day…Safety First at RHA

Did You Know?
  • Historically, RHA’s auto accident frequency increases in the months of May and June.
  • We want and need to change this increase in frequency through a Safety Campaign from April - June.
Automotive Safety Campaign
  • Designed to bring awareness
  • Give suggestions to improve driving habits

Check Out The Vehicle Like A Boss!

Before Driving
  • Adjust seat and mirrors 
  • Buckle seat belts 
  • Lock doors 
  • Review location of emergency brake 
  • Record mileage 
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


Make the Drive Safe

Review Practices
  • Plan for inclement weather
  • Take the safest route 
  • Avoid distractions 
  • Keep your eyes on the road 
  • Require assistance from employee passengers 
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


EYE Health & Driving

Have Your Eyes Checked 

90% of a driver’s reaction time depends on vision.

How’s your:
  • hand/eye coordination?
  • distance vision?
  • peripheral vision?
  • near-vision focus?
  • night vision?
  • color vision?
  • depth perception? 

Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


Brain Power

Keep your brain at its best!
  • Get Plenty of Rest 
  • Exercise 
  • Improve Mental Sharpness 
    • Brain Games (crossword, scrabble) 
  • Never combine medications with alcohol 
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


Stress and Driving

Stay in control while driving
  • If you are angry—take time to calm down 
  • Deep breathing can lower stress levels 
  • Un-clench your hands from the steering wheel 
  • Relax your shoulders 
  • Remember - get to your destination safely 
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


Lack of Sleep and Driving

6,400 Fatal Crashes Involve a Drowsy Driver each Year

If you have been awake for more than 20 hours, your impairment is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of .08.

Warning Signs of Tired Driving
  • yawning or blinking frequently 
  • difficulty remembering past few miles driven 
  • missing your exit 
  • drifting from your lane of traffic 
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


Distracted Driving

Keep your eyes on the road

Minimize distractions
  • Hand held devices 
  • Food 
  • Drinks 
  • Passengers 
  • Objects not secured in vehicle 
  • Dash controls (radio, window, HVAC, etc.) 
Employees, which are riding in the vehicle, have the responsibility to reduce the driver’s distractions and assist with recognizing potential driving hazards.

Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


Driving an Unfamiliar Vehicle

Take time to inspect and get acquainted with the vehicle

  • Emergency Brake 
  • Fire Extinguisher 
  • First Aid Kit—BBP 
  • Seatbelt Cutter / Window breaker 
  • Exits 
  • Mileage and Maintenance logs 
  • Potential Blind Spots 

Adjust Controls
  • Steering wheel 
  • Seat 
  • Mirrors
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA



These can impair driving
  • Prescriptions 
  • Antidepressants 
  • Codeine 
  • Allergy products 
  • Cold remedies 
  • Tranquilizers 
  • Sleeping pills 
  • Pain relievers 
  • Diet Pills 
  • Stimulants 
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA


STAY ALERT When You Drive

  • Ward off fatigue by staying active 
    • Take a 10 minute walk 
    • Exercise while you’re sitting at a desk 
  • Pack smart snacks 
  • Get plenty of rest
Each Life, Each Day . . . Safety First at RHA