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SMS Assist - Property Maintenance


Welcome Letter from SMS Assist, please click here.

URL: http://rha-one.smsassist.com

24/7 Phone Number: 844-205-1870

SMS Team Email: rha@smsassist.com

Training & Additional Resources: Clienttraining@smsassist.com

Why SMS Assist?


Repair & Maintenance

Residential property managers are responsible for meeting tenant expectations and keeping operating costs low. That means implementing preventative repair and maintenance strategies designed to streamline property management responsibilities in a time and money-saving fashion.

SMS Assist understands the need for robust residential repair and maintenance strategies. Our proprietary technology simplifies maintenance by providing complete access to the resources and information property managers need to execute top-tier maintenance strategies.


Any questions about this transition please reach out directly to Zachary Short.

Zach Short,
Aug 9, 2019, 2:07 PM