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Please work with your Operational Leadership on purchasing/procurement strategies.


Group Purchasing Update for Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health has recently reviewed their purchasing activity, and is now consolidating the ordering of supplies.  Brandon Golder and Tina Harkey have led these efforts.

BH is choosing to use GOS – (Greenville Office Solutions)

  • Incredibly fast and helpful customer service
  • Ability to compete with and usually beat the price of the big box retailers
    • This is partly due to the fact that GOS is a Pinnacle Affiliates, LLC member. This dealer group is comprised of many independent office product dealers that have common needs and capabilities, and offers them all the ability to leverage purchasing power and competitiveness within the office supply industry (in order to compete with Staples, Office Depot, etc.).
  • They have a very intuitive, easy, and helpful mobile app to ease in repurchasing and shopping of supplies
  • They price match
  • They have a live chat line through their website
  • They have 6 distinct divisions to meet your every need
  • They are one of the few businesses that offer business reports to keep you updated with what you’re buying and to enable them to offer more cost-effective solutions to best meet your needs
  • They LOVE their customers and frequently do free promotions where you will be able to receive great, new products (Free Fridays, Sales Blitz’s, Enter-to-Wins).
  • They have free next-day delivery on most every product with no order minimums or maximums.

GOS Intro Slidedeck.pptx (14462k)

Contact Mya Van Buskirk at Mya.Vanbuskirk@rhanet.org for more information and how to get logins set up for your units.

Bob Turner,
Jun 20, 2018, 1:02 PM