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Network Vehicle Maintenance

Questions on RHA Vehicles?
Please contact Donna Panton

Network is RHA’s vehicle maintenance provider.

As of July 2018, less than 50% of our 400 + vehicles are using “Network” approved vendors on a regular basis.  Since then, most the the remaining units have been onboarded to this program.

Listen to the 10/29/2018 Conference Call on RHA's use of Network (1hr 19min)

In order to get the most out of this program we have to use it!

Call Network 1-800-323-5916.

How does Network help RHA?
  • Confirms market fair pricing for all repairs.
  • Tracks repair history for all vehicles in the program. Accountability for shops that provide service to “Network” customers.
    • Approved Vendor list has been uploaded to the Housing & Assets Management tab on MyRHA.org
  • One call service for any issues with your vehicle. Oil  Change, Tire Replacement, Towing, & Warranty repair including  lift mechanisms.
  • Keeps a comprehensive history of all work completed on the vehicle.
  • Will invoice RHA for any repairs less than $1000. More than $1000 need verbal approval from Administrator/Director level or higher. No need to use the Capital One Card.

Major benefits to the employee(s) for using this program.

  • Streamlined process for all RHA locations
  • Time Savings! No longer spending time as a fleet manager, get back to doing your job.
  • No receipts, easy company-wide invoicing for all sites.

Not All RHA Units Enrolled...

Locations that have inherited in a different maintenance program include our Florida and Springfield TN.
Network Fleet Maintenance Overview Conference Call 10.29.18.mp3
Bob Turner,
Oct 29, 2018, 2:17 PM