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Furniture Purchasing Programs

Below is a quick update from our dedicated sales representative from Furniture Concepts.

Hello RHA Administrators. It’s Allison from Furniture Concepts!


It’s been a few months since I brought our fabulous mobile showroom to your February 2019 RHA administrators’ meeting. Eating lunch and showing off our amazingly durable group living furniture was so much fun!


I only wish I had more time to spend with each of you to tell you about our fabulous furniture designed for heavy-use; our amazing 10-year warranty; and our one-of-a-kind flat rate shipping program. So, I thought I would send this little note to make sure you got all of the most important information.


Furniture Concepts has delivered more than 360 pieces of furniture to RHA facilities in North Carolina and Tennessee. RHA residents are loving Furniture Concepts’ safe & comfortable seating in their homes. House managers are thrilled with fabrics that allow easy clean-up from spills and incontinence. RHA Administrators are delighted to know that their facilities have furniture that will not need replacing for years to come.


Furniture Concepts’ flat rate shipping gets our most popular healthcare styles drop shipped for only $50.00 per piece*! Retail furniture isn’t designed for the challenges of group living. Furniture Concepts offers attractive, heavy-use furniture that keeps residents safe while minimizing replacement cycles. We help you provide a beautiful facility that addresses the unique needs of your residents and the realities of your budget.


The flat rate program can be here Premium Seating Heavy Incontinence.


For your convenience I've attached our two Flat Rate Seating programs. The Premium Seating and Premium Plus for Heavy Incontinence Issues. See PDF's below.


I look forward to partnering with you and your house mangers to continue to bring quality seating, made in the USA, to all your homes!


* Flat rate shipping minimum freight charge is $150 for fewer than 3 pieces. See flier for details.

Thank you.

Allison Schaffer

VP of Sales

D: 216-545-7201

P: 800-969-4100

RHA has an established partnership with Furniture Concepts, a well-respected wholesaler that supplies heavy-use furnishing to all types of residential care facilities nationwide. 

Sit, Sleep or Eat...Furniture Concepts specializes in stylish, functional and affordable furniture for heavy-use group living environments where incontinence, limited mobility and behavioral issues are common. 

Furniture Concepts’ Expert Design Consultants have a combined one hundred years of experiences providing furnishing solutions! Do you worry about picking the right fabric? No problem. Do you worry about staying within budget? No problem. We have the right solution at the right price. Better yet, Furniture Concepts has a 20-year track record of on-time delivery, wholesale pricing, specialized furniture and fabrics…all backed by a fierce dedication to customer service and satisfaction. 

Furniture Concepts is thrilled to be partnering with RHA Health Services to offer a Furniture Buying Program. This Furniture Buying Program will allow you to select just the right style, color, and functions of furniture for your site. RHA is empowering their employees to select furniture for their homes in a creative and cost-effective way while still meeting the needs of RHA like safety, quality, and compliance.

Butler Human Services Furniture

Butler Brochures
Butler Human Services Furniture has been working with RHA Health Services for many years and we appreciate our relationship with you.

We have developed a Preferred Partner Pricing program for RHA with extra deep discounting and $95 delivery and installation.

See the brochure that shows all of the packages as well as a picture of the 20 colors that are available to choose from.

If these specific combinations don’t suit your needs, let me know and I will put together the package that works for you and use the same pricing and delivery cost.

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