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Housing & Asset

Housing and Asset Management is the part of RHA that helps Operations with capital spending like equipment, vehicles and real estate.

Who To Contact for Housing & Asset Management Items?
  • All CAP expenditure requests need to be sent to CAPX@rhanet.org
  • Zachary Short is the primary contact for Housing and Asset Management items for RHA.
  • Using the CAPX@rhanet.org email will ensure everyone is in the loop and payment is processed on time.

FY 2020 Capital Tours will begin 01/12/19

Updated Capital Expense Form

CAP-X Form 2018 Revision.xlsx (41k) or find on the RHA Forms Drive
  • The updated form now allows your Regional VP or your Operations Director to sign for approval.

Threshold for the bidding process has increased: 
  • 1 bid up to $7,500 (Previous dollar amount was $5k) 
  • 2 bids required for projects in the range of $7500 – 15k. (Previous dollar amount was $5k - $10k) 
  • 3 bids required for anything more than $15k (Previous was $10k) 

What if I can’t get the correct amount of bids?
  • Discuss with Housing and Asset Management on a case by case basis.

Leased Property Rental Check List & Forms

Notification of Property Being Added, Deleted or Transferred form

Zachary Short has assumed all duties relating to property leases, including, but not limited to:

  • Working with landlords and local management teams to get new leases in place or renewing existing leases
  • Working with local management to identify potential new spaces, adding/deleting properties from our master insurance schedule (SOV), reviewing all office/commercial space leases/amendments prior to getting signed by member of executive team.
  • It is preferred that even local rental home/apartment leases are reviewed first by Zachary even though in many cases they can be signed by local management.
Rental Property
For those of you that have moved homes after a lease has expired, we need to protect ourselves by documenting the condition of a new home or place of business prior to moving in.

We have created 2 documents to assist: