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As of Summer 2016, RHA has a new tool which allows our units to order print material. The information below will help you understand why, how to log in, ordering and paying for print materials for RHA units.

Why a New Print Ordering Process?
  • Give units the ability to quickly order (and get approval) for print supplies
  • Protect our brand by using pre-determined templates, then have you fill out specific facts
  • Preview a PDF of your order, and approve instantly
  • Pay for your unit’s print order online via your company credit card

Ordering Printing for Your Unit

Who Orders for Your Unit?
  • Unit leaders can decide who places orders in your unit. Can be an administrator/director, business manager, office coordinator, etc.
  • We recommend having more than one person with access and knowledge of this printing website. But don’t give this access to a lot of people.
  • Share the printing username/password with the people you’ve identified. 

  • Visit the online print ordering site via the Login section of MyRHA, then click the Print Ordering Login
  • Login with your unit’s username/password, which will be emailed to you. 

Select Print Item to order
  • Choose what you need to print via the online shopping cart. 
  • Options currently include business cards/name badges, forms, letterhead/envelopes, RX pads. We’ll add other materials, like common brochures, etc. in the future. 
  • Special Requests - If you have a printing need that’s not available, please contact David Smith at ImageSmith directly ( If you have an electronic version of the form, please include that in your email to David. 

Complete Required Fields
  • Depending on what you order, there will be required fields to enter the pertinent information. 
  • When ordering business cards, please be sure to use the employee’s official job title, which you can be found in Elevate (based on Ceridian). 

Review & Approve the Proof
  • Once you’ve filled out the information for your order, you’ll see a PROOF online option. 
  • This is your opportunity to see a PDF, review, and correct any mistakes. 
  • You can save the proof PDF file and send to the user for review, if needed. 
  • Once you approve the proof, it’s now in the workflow for payment/approval/printing. 

Shipping Address
  • Each unit’s default mailing address will be auto populated. 
  • If you need to send the print order to a different address, you will need to add it via the ‘address book’ link under your profile (top-right of screen). 

  • Units will pay for their printing with their corporate card. 
  • When reconciling your RHA credit card each month, please do the following for accuracy: 
    1. Charge to the correct ‘Location’
    2. Department’ is 15
    3. A&G ‘Root Number’ is 6450. 

  • All print orders will be approved by Tamra Bapties (Wise) 
  • The print software’s system will do this automatically. Simply order online, and the system will send to Tamra for approval. 

  • For emergency printing, please contact David Smith at ImageSmith directly at
  • For questions about this process, please contact Bob Turner at RHA.